Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Arcata Eye Had A Ball

In support of community journalism, the 14th Annual Arcata Eye Ball was held at the Arcata Theatre Lounge last night.  With performances by Odd Fellows, Eye Dolls, Steven Weven the juggler, Eureka Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence, The Rutabaga Queens and others. 
Others included a rock and roll set by The Arcata Eye Rockestra.  Mark Lovelace, Marla Joy, Ross Rowley, Deric Mendes, Rob Amerman, Joanne Rand, Mike McLaren, Duncan Burgess, Craig Carroll, Kevin Hoover and not on the bill was Julie Fulkerson.
This is the first time I have been into the Arcata Theatre Lounge and I have to say, it's a great place.  The garlic cheese fries were good, the beer was cold and reasonably priced, there is a full bar and each night the entertainment changes.  I like the art deco and feel of the place too.  Through those doors was a well organized party led by John Mathews of KSLG who was the Master of Ceremonies.  I have a video snippet or two of the Rockestra and may post that later, or not.

A performance by The Rutabaga Queens was captured by my little camera from my table. Abba fans may like the video.


  1. Hey Tom let's see the Rockestra video!

  2. As you wish. I might have taken some video with my droid last night, not sure. I'm still figuring that thing out. At least I got some rolling stones on the Cannon in compact video.


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