Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Arcata Eye Rockestra

The video gets cut off at 3 minutes because in order for my camera to do you tube it has to be in compact mode.

Still, this 3 minutes of the Arcata Eye Rockestra doing the Rolling Stones will give you an idea of what you missed last night at the Arcata Eye Ball.


  1. same song, different angle:

  2. Darn, I missed a good time, Tom! Hope you had some fun for me. It looked a little... wild.

    Yours truly was elsewhere, attending community journalism of a different sort-- the Community Radio Day put on by Access Humboldt with the very capable Sean McLaughlin and staff, the articulate livewire Terri Klemeston of KMUD news, and a strategic consortium of 7 local stations, large to very tiny. Skippy's brief report is here on the haps.

    The wild! Arcata Eye Ball and Rockestra would have been a great topper for an otherwise fabulous day. Wish I made it. Thanks for the reminder, too, of support and needing to renew my subscription with Mr. Hoover and the Arcata Eye newspaper, the great and 'mildly objectionable weekly newspaper' publication.

    ...peace, skips

  3. Good video Bob. Was that an iphone?
    I suggest people watch Bob's version of the song. Much better than the one I captured.


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