Friday, January 21, 2011

Comcast Buys NBC/Universal - Keith Olberman Gets Fired

The merger of Comcast and NBC/Universal has already claimed it's first casualty, Keith Olberman.


  1. It's not really clear if he was fired or not and MSNBC says that Comcast didn't know about the decision. It's probably just a coincidence.

  2. I haven't been able to find verification of it being a firing.

    But most accounts say it came out of the blue.

  3. Rose,
    What is your blog address?

  4. It seems the notice was sent in an email during his last show. We should wait to see what Keith has to say about it.

  5. He should have quit regardless as both companies have longtime support of warmongering agendas.

  6. With the departure of Mr. Olbermann, the void's become greater and Fox news just became… louder. Where will this go?

    Mr. Olberman provided more than a voice, he provided… leverage. Pointing out the small changes leading to the big results: NAFTA, the Bush Tax Cuts, the end of Glass-Steagall, the 1996 Telecommunications Act, a few wars and ‘Mission Accomplished’. More recently, that corporate interests can buy our government officials freely under the Citizens United case… and along comes the Comcast/NB­C merger pushing aside Mr. Olbermann. His fellow commentators must be taking pause lest they don’t conform and wish departing, too.

    Appearing that we’re heading into a more corporate-sponsored and orderly (some might say fascist-like) world in which there will be only rich and poor, the One World media will bang out right wing and corporate messages through most of the channels, and money from corporatio­ns will create, more or less, a one Party State– even if two political parties remain. It’s very possible the next 10 years will see a slow erosion of privacy, rights, and civil liberties than we’ve seen in any sort of democratic country. Is this being too alarmist? Maybe so. But the pieces are falling into place; we’re heading towards this direction.

    We haven’t even addressed the Big Demon on the block yet: the far more threatening and at-hand subject everyone should be aware of. This pales in comparison; you’ll likely lose much more while the ‘right’ and 'left’ yammer at another in distraction. Folks, our golden days are over– and your pocket’s going to get picked.

  7. Many media outlets have been acquired by banks these days. The Times-Standard, our local newspaper is just one example.

    Bankers aren't going to stand for anyone that threatens their bottom line.


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