Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fundraiser Ad From Jesse Kelly Who Ran Against Giffords For Congress

Shame on me for pointing this stuff out.  I'm not the one using gun references in effort  to eliminate my opponents.


  1. Oh dear, oh dear - KOS targeted her too...

    2010 will be primary season
    "...we've got a problem in our caucus -- while we have been busy stocking up on more Democrats, fact is the good ones are being swamped by the bad ones.... Not all of these people will get or even deserve primaries, but this vote certainly puts a bulls eye on their district...."

  2. Unbelievable: that's just SICK (and not in the way teenagers use the word)! How can you use gun references in this way, Mr. Kelly? Especially when you know that most of your AZ constituents are 'packing'!!! Shame on you!

  3. Do the KOS use a graph of rifle scope cross hairs that turns from blue to red when the target is taken out?

  4. Please pray for Amy Joanne Loughner and Randy L. Loughner — parents of mass murderer Jared Lee Loughner and for the family of the nine year old and the family of the judge and so many other families that were devastated by this psychopath.

    All I am saying, Tom, is it isn't right to be blaming Palin, or Beck or any others - but if you are gonna, then make sure you include KOS, and Soros the hatemonger and his many sewer outlets, including Media Matters.

    And KOS has had a BULLSEYE on her since 2008, BTW - seems she wasn't left enough. This is insanity.

  5. She was a conservative blue dog.

    This arrived in my news box this morning, I'll have to break it up to put it in the comments here:


    Since taking office two years ago, Obama has consistently bypassed Congress and has given the federal government control of almost every aspect of our lives.


    Citing border violence, the ATF has issued an "emergency order" requiring any store that sells more than two rifles within a five-day period to report the names, addresses and serial numbers of those transactions if the firearms are greater than .22-caliber, semi-automatic, with the ability to accept a detachable magazine.

    If it's so important, why didn't Obama allow Congress to vote on it? Because Congress wouldn't touch it. And if it's all in the name of border security, as he insists, why does it apply to every state and not just border states?

    This regulation is expected to take effect Wednesday, January 5th!

    Please stop RIGHT NOW and Fax every Member of Congress. Tell them you OBJECT to Obama taking away your Constitutional freedoms! You are the only thing that stands in the way of Obama's radical, anti-gun agenda! Please include a donation to CCRKBA so we can continue to fight these kinds of assaults on our Second Amendment Rights!

    Obama is attempting to regulate a fundamental, individual right guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution---but it shouldn't surprise you, because he's done nothing but "regulate" us to death since he's been in office.

  6. The Obama administration has known about this ATF proposal for months, but they kept it quiet, knowing that people like you and me would be outraged.

    And he was right, we are outraged! Please stop RIGHT NOW and Fax every Member of Congress. Tell them you OBJECT to Obama taking away your Constitutional freedoms! Please include a donation to CCRKBA so we can continue to fight these kinds of assaults on our Second Amendment Rights!

    Don't wait! You don't want to wake up and find out that Obama has taken away your rights!

    Barack Obama is openly hostile to your gun rights. He has chosen a very strong, anti-Second Amendment ATF head for an administrative job that has far more influence over the practical exercise of the Second Amendment rights than any other job in the country.

    Now that very agency is going to require stores to report their sales transactions! You can be sure this is only the beginning!

    This regulation is expected to be approved unless there is IMMEDIATE and VEHEMENT objection from Members of Congress and the public.

    So, don't wait, Fax Congress RIGHT NOW and tell them to stop this assault on our freedom! Please include a generous donation to CCRKBA so we can continue to fight for our right to bear arms! You are the only thing that stands in the way of Obama's radical, anti-gun agenda!

    Let me be clear how urgent this is: registration requirements will go into effect THIS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th unless YOU AND I stop it!

    Fax Congress NOW and donate to CCRKBA so we can prevent Obama's unconstitutional intrusion on our rights!

    Mexican President Felipe Calderon has repeatedly blamed the U.S. for Mexico's problems with violence, despite evidence to the contrary. Now Obama is taking away freedoms from legitimate, law-abiding citizens while he ignores our open borders and tramples all over the Constitution---all in the name of "security."

  7. Obama spent the month of December trying to push amnesty for millions of illegal aliens through Congress, and NOW he's all of a sudden concerned about border security?

    I don't buy it! This is just an excuse to push through FIREARMS REGISTRATION WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL. And it's the first step in taking away your Second Amendment rights.

    You do not want to wake up tomorrow---or any day---and discover that your gun rights have been taken away by this administration! Contact Congress right now and stop this ATF regulation! And please include a generous donation, so CCRKBA can keep watch over this administration's efforts to take away your Second Amendment rights!

    Each year, firearms are used more than 60 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives. But Obama would rather treat US as criminals, and bow to the rhetoric of another country, than honor the Constitution. The time for action is now.

    You and I know how precious our freedoms are, and how much we appreciate the Constitution. But Obama just doesn't get it. He is chipping away at our freedoms every single day, ignoring the will of the People, ignoring Congress, ignoring the rule of law. Is this latest attempt to end our Second Amendment Rights going to be the straw that broke the camel's back? Will this spur you to take action and stop his dictatorship?

    Please give the largest gift that you possibly can to CCRKBA as we EXPOSE Obama's agenda to take away our Second Amendment rights, and stop his unlawful ATF regulation from taking effect.


    Alan M. Gottlieb
    Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:

    Citizens Committee for the Right
    to Keep and Bear Arms
    Dept Code 5321
    Liberty Park
    12500 NE 10th Place
    Bellevue, WA 98005

  8. I like guns but I would have a hard time in a room full of people that think like this.

    The war on the boarder is being fought with arms from the US side. If this so called drug war is a real war, that would give the US the authority to try to stop arming the other side. If it isn't a real war than just admit it.

    If what the CCRKBA says is correct about this law, it still allows the sale of firearms. You just buy only one if you don't want to be tracked. One a week that is.

  9. That's 4 guns a month or 48 per year with no tracking. Who needs or can afford that many?

  10. David Letterman told a rape joke about Sarah Palin’s 11 year old daughter on national TV, and one of his regular guests whose career he had promoted (Sandra Bernhard) told a rape joke about Sarah Palin.

    Given “liberals” promotion of rape and child molestation will you be apologizing and donating to women’s shelters and rape crisis centers this year?

  11. With absolutely no inkling of any kind that mr Left Wing terrorist even gives a crap about campaign literature don't let that stop you from drawing the connections that aren't there. and then the shallow reactions "SICK"..What's sick is this vast stupidity.

  12. Bruce Majors, was that directed at me or David Letterman?

  13. Vince, you say that there is no inkling of any kind about campaign literature and this killer. How then do you draw the conclusion that he is a left wing terrorist and not just a crazy person with a gun on a mission?

  14. The shooter is a crazy man and gun regulations only hamper those who follow the laws. Criminals can always buy guns. Enforce the gun laws on the books and you might make an impact. Until then, the feds wait for a crime to occur, then they go back and figure out who all they can lump into the investigation and charge them all. That after-the-fact type of investigation is reactionary, not regulatory. So, enforce existing regulations and go from there (kind of like our immigration problem).

    And the idea that the US supplies the drug cartels with guns is wrong. The news story which first reported that manipulated the story and omitted certain facts.

  15. Was there nobody present in the crowd who was carrying a weapon ? Or were they too craven to draw and use it ????

  16. I heard that a guy was coming out of a Walgreens across the parking lot, running with his hand on his gun. At the scene someone had picked up the gun used by the killer to secure it but another person told them to put it down because someone might think that they were the attacker. As it turned out, the guy coming to help was about to take that person out thinking they were the shooter.

    Anonymous, I asked the same thing. It seems if someone at the imediate scene had a gun, this could have possibly been cut short. The bigger problem in this wild wild west scenario is people that heard the shots but didn't see exactly what was going on. One sees how complicated this can get. One more innocent person may have been killed.


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