Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heating With Wood In Humboldt

I think that there are two kinds of people that heat with wood.  There are amateurs like me or those on vacation in a rental with a fireplace and there are professionals.  The professionals have a serious wood stove with lots of stacked wood around during the months that you aren't thinking about heating your house much.  These people are splitting logs or having more wood brought when it seems that they are surrounded with firewood.
Then there us amateurs that run out of good firewood at the end of January because I couldn't find any good cured hardwood in October.  When I got back from Christmas vacation I had only wood that was down on the property that had been rained on. I got small amounts from the store for $6.99 a bundle.  You had to have a real log to go with it or it wouldn't last long.  I tapped the resource I had and looked around. 
Resale Lumber in Humboldt now has half cords of Almond wood.  Good, hard and dry.  $225.00 on a shrink wrapped pallet. Delivery is extra.  They also have these compressed wood shaving fire logs for $1.20 a piece.  These are shorter than the 3 pack ones you see in the hardware stores and some supermarkets.  They also last a lot longer and don't expand like a slinky and die down after a couple of hours.  I have found coals from these in the stove when I get home from work left over from the night before.  That's over 20 hours of being lit.  The main heat is good for about 6 hours or so and you'll need two to four for a good hot fire. They also stack well inside the house, in a cupboard or a closet or against a wall.  It's a lot of heat for such a small container.
There is also Caloak firewood in a box at Safeway.  It is $8.79 a box which is a cubic foot of good hard heavy firewood that lasts a long time.   The duraflame logs don't put out any real heat and are bad for wood stoves.
Most years I have seen trailers and pickups full of wood with signs on them displaying the type, how much and a phone number.  I haven't seen much of that around this winter so I wanted to pass this info along.  I also wanted to see if any locals have any good wood they would like to sell at a decent price. If you have an old phone book, I am in there.  C.O.D.


  1. Good public service message.

    Did your readers hear that you won the 2010 Top40 New Music Program Director of the Year award for efforts at KFMI? We are all proud of your continued radio success. Congratulations!

  2. The professionals have a serious wood stove with lots of stacked wood around during the months that you aren't thinking about heating your house much.

    Tell me about it. I rented a house from a man in Freshwater who made several summer a year up to his property in Blocksburg to bring back rounds to be cut into firewood. He would leave the rounds in his field until the NEXT season, and split it and put it in his smaller barn that was exclusively for his firewood.

  3. Chopping firewood warms you twice. A lost art form. My favorite is madrone. It burns to a fine ash.

    (coincidence - captcha word is hotroo LOL)

  4. (Congratulations, Tom on your Award!)

    A neighbor down here sells a cord of dry Madrone for $340 and he delivers! We have stacks and we also cut some ourselves.

  5. Kkkymkemp.com, that is a good price for Madrone. I would be willing to pay the same with an extra delivery charge to Trinidad.

  6. For those folks closer to Eureka who need a smaller portion of free wood (for a couple of fires or more), check out the local place: the SWAP yard behind General Hospital where they cut acres of wood for seniors.

    There's a large plywood box filled with scrap odds 'n end cuts just behind the fence... free for the taking by anyone.

    No, you don't have to be a senior for some worthy pieces and scraps. With a tiny bit of looking there's usually good cuts mixed in with the truly gnarly ones.

    But, wait! If you are a senior (over 55), give the Humboldt Senior Resource Center a call at: # 443-9747 ext. 1220, to find out details of when their low-cost wood might be available.

    ...Stay warm and dry... skips

  7. Thanks for the info skippy, good stuff.

  8. Call the Chapmans 599-0516. they're the folk with The Ranch on Salmon Creek Blog.

    And the price is actually $320
    Here's their post about their wood. http://theranchonsalmoncreek.blogspot.com/2008/05/fire-wood.html

    Plus their just plain good folk. Their son is married to Sheriff Downey's daughter.

  9. have you checked out almquist lumber? they always have a good selection of bone dry stuff for a reasonable price. they deliver for extra $$ i got a cord of dry madrone last summer for 350.

  10. I have not checked out Almquist lumber but will now.

  11. I see a second blog in Tom's future: HumboldtFireWood.blogspot.com


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