Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Think My Counter Was Designed By Diebold

On November 11th of 2010, I was perusing my blog when I noticed the counter hit all 3's.  33,333 so I took a picture with my digital camera.  I thought it was kind of cool like when the odometer on the car goes to 100,000.  Around Thanksgiving of last year the counter dropped by about 10-thousand hits.
 I was going over some of my old pictures and noticed this one and thought, what the hell.  I should post it before it gets to 33,333 again. 
This proves one of 3 things.  1. My blog was hacked last Thanksgiving, 2. I am really a time traveler or 3. the Dreamweaver counter widget I used was made by a voting machine manufacturer.


  1. You can see just enough of the stories to the right. The one with a orange headline that starts with a B is a banking story I did on Nov. 6th. 2010.

  2. I go with answer #4, ALL OF THE ABOVE... :)


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