Friday, January 14, 2011

KFC Closes Eureka And Crescent City Locations

Update to an old story from almost 10 years ago, KFC is about to open a new store in Eureka California.

 I don't have an official date for opening but based on construction of their new location on Broadway across the street and north of the new In-N-Out burger by only a block or so I would say sometime around or just after New Year 2021. 

The Colonel is back!

Sunny Fortuna will be the only place in Humboldt 
County to get KFC tomorrow.  The  2 Eureka stores closed tonight for good along with the Crescent City location.  The Fortuna location will stay open.  An employee told me that the owner (franchisee) sold the three locations and the new owner will change them to Churches Fried Chicken.
My source said that some of the employees will make the transition to the new company but others are now out of work.
An entire episode of South Park was devoted to the closing of KFC locations in Colorado.  In the episode they all become medical marijuana dispensaries. 

Cartman ends up trafficing in KFC from out of the area.


  1. Geez! I was there on Wednesday, and the sign people were taking down the KFC signs in the parking lot. I thought they were just putting in new signs. I considered swiping one of the Exit Only signs that had the Colonel's face on it. Missed opportunity.

    Sad to see KFC go.

  2. I saw the sign truck too. Thought about taking a picture to joke about with the South Park reference. I was surprised to learn it was going away today. The sign trophy would have been cool but not worth being accused of stealing. I guess you should have asked them if they were throwing it away. Could have, would have, sounds like you did miss an opportunity.

    On the bright side, there could be new jobs trafficking in KFC around the central and north county. You want some KFC? I can get you some KFC, what in it for me?

  3. I was startled to see the “Colonel” looking at me on my blog. I thought maybe I was “Monetized” and didn’t know it. I have a link to this blog on my Roll and I have the first few lines of your story and a thumbnail. You sure are steady, always new stuff daily. My blog is…I don’t know; not as active as you, Erik and Heraldo.
    Sorry to hear that there are even fewer jobs to go around. Hopefully there will be a greater trend towards healthy food. Corporations like KFC are probably rebranding themselves in preparation for doing business for the next thirty years.
    I find it weird to hear people talk about Retail and corporate food vendors as being an economic benefit for the community. It seems they do more harm in the long run in terms of health and the carbon footprint of the food industry. But I know that means little to people who’ve lost their job.
    Broadway doesn’t look much like a vibrant economy. We need manufacturing of durable goods. The streets should be lined with furniture making shops with all the wood around here.

  4. I don't eat the stuff personally but my wife said Church's is big in Oregon and is supposed to be very good.

  5. Until she passed away, I had a retired friend that couldn't get out much. I would check in on her about once a week. I would ask if I should bring her anything and she would ask for a whopper or a KFC dinner box. At her age, the food wasn't going to kill her.


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