Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PG&E Power Plant Off Line Due To Fire. Conserve Power Tonight

A fire broke out in one of the generators at the PG&E Humboldt Bay power plant this afternoon.  A PG&E spokesperson told me that the plant would be off line tonight and that could pose some problems.  All electricity in Humboldt County will be fed through one power line that comes from out of the area and that will be maxed out.  

PG&E wants people to turn off any unnecessary appliances, electric clothes dryers, dishwashers, vacuums, electric space heaters and even lights to conserve power.   PG&E hopes to have the plant back on line later tonight or tomorrow some time.

Update:  I got a call back from PG&E and they are dead serious about conserving power tonight.  If we burn up that line, the whole county will be in the dark.

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