Thursday, February 24, 2011

Caltrans Has More Projects Planned For Richardson Grove

John Driscoll
Caltrans is proposing widening four bridges on the Avenue of the Giants in Southern Humboldt County, an effort that it says could have harmful effects on old growth redwood trees and endangered species.

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It seems that there are more than trees that will be impacted by improving US 101 for large trucks and bicycles. 

Here is a link to  a video documenting the February 7th., 2011 protest to these projects at Caltrans in Eureka Ca.


  1. You'd almost think companies like Caltrans don't tell us everything they have planned up front on purpose...

  2. What we really need is a high-speed train from Berkley to Eureka! Right through the redwoods!!

  3. I'll second that or a monorail not so high speed but cheaper to build and operate above the farmers and animals.

  4. Blimps. BLIMPS. Going to Humboldt? Better hurry up and catch the next blimp.

    "And if you look out the left side of the cabin you'll see Richardson Grove which, if you can believe it, used to be part of an entire forest!"


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