Friday, February 25, 2011

Protests Tomorrow At All 50 State Capitals, One Local

Nationwide protests are planned for tomorrow in all 50 state capitals in solidarity with the workers of Wisconsin.

Locally I got this from Communities For Justice and Peace:
For Immediate Release                                              Feb. 25th, 11'

 Be spreading this word. . .  and 'see you there'.

No sitting on  any sidelines tomorrow!
Government and Corporations to rule Wisconsin?
"Not so ! . . .say  tens of thousand coming out  in protest.
A defining moment in what democracy can mean.
Tomorrow, Sat.  Noon
Eureka, 5th and I
Joining here as part of this alliance
with hundreds of solidarity rallies sweeping this country
Tomorrow -

It's been almost two weeks since SEIU members in Wisconsin joined with other public employees, students and allies to fight back against Governor Walker's attempt to take away their rights.

Speaking out to demand an end to these attacks on workers' rights and public services.  Demanding Wisconsin's wealthy and powerful respect and  pay generously to keep people working and with benefits to sustain the lives of their families.

Communities For Justice and Peace, Humboldt.Co. Ca.
sending  out  reports  and research studies, exposing media bias and
holding government  accountable


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  1. For those that want to organize rallys or potests but aren't sure how to make them effective I offer this URL.


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