Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scoping Meeting To Figure Out How To Fight The US Navy Today

Looking for ideas.

People will be gathering at the F.Street Plaza on the waterfront in Old Town Eureka Saturday (today)  at 1:00 pm.  They will try to find ways to best get the message out that the US Navy has expanded it's off shore bombing and training grounds off the North Pacific Coast that includes water off shore of Humboldt County.  They are looking for ideas including independent media, social networking, email, and things they might not have thought of to expand the message and bring people together to stop or limit the US Navy's proposed activities. 
Bring your ideas and share the ideas of others to save marine life and scope the best way to move forward knowing we are living in a militarized training zone that threatens sea life and the quality of life in Humboldt County. 


  1. Tom, if I had to respond to your headline, "Scoping Meeting To Figure Out How To Fight The US Navy Today", I'm pretty sure i wouldn't want to participate. The Navy is big and they have jets, and things that go boom. If you are going to attempt a Lybian-style overthrow you may want to start a little smaller. Just sayin...

  2. When the Navy had a meeting to discuss this in Eureka the venue was packed with people overflowing outside into the parking lot. It was quite a show of force, not from the cops what weren't present or the Navy but for the citizens of Humboldt County.

    They weren't intimidated in the least.


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