Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sentinel Reports: King Days 2011

Sentinel Reports: King Days 2011

Activists in Eureka and Arcata gather to commemorate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Produced by Charles Douglas in association with the Humboldt Sentinel. Special thanks to Tom Sebourn for the footage from Arcata.

This is a long video that will be on local Access Humboldt cable tv.  There is some great footage of the Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir, Mexican dancing, great speakers and a well produced record of MKL Day events around Humboldt County this year.


  1. Thank you for remembering Mr. King's legacy.

    A very nice job and video, with the tip of my hat and sincere appreciation to: the outstanding Mr. Douglas, Mr. Sebourn, Jack, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Lovelace, Chief Nielsen, Ms. Landry, The Arcata Interfaith Choir, the dancers, the singers, the teens, Access Humboldt, Has Beans (a nicely done and sharp addition, Mr. Douglas), and so many familiar others (you know who you are).

    I'll enjoy a good, hot cup of joe for this chilly morning day at Has Beans-- my favorite warm place facing the bay.

  2. Thanks Skippy, Mr. Douglas deserves most of the credit. I was just conspiring with him. I hope to continue to feed Charles video and have him feed me news as we have done in the past. Charles did a fantastic job of putting this together. He is gracious to give me credits.

  3. And what a fine job of conspiratorial collaboration it is, Ollie. A nicely done complement of our diverse Humboldt community-- due to both of you, and many others.

    Intrigued with the professionally well done promo/sponsor opening spot for Has Beans, the talented Mr. Douglas, you, and Access Humboldt have also begun exploring ripe new areas for future partnerships and production that don't go unnoticed. This is a new aspect.

    Mr. Douglas had it going on for the promo: great narrative, titles, nice action and cut shots, local folks and scenery, and delivering the delightfully requisite barrista 'babe factor.' Nice. It was all there. A+

    What will be next? Yours truly looks forward to seeing more from Mr. Sebourn, Mr. Douglas, and what the 5th year of members/students of Access Humboldt will bring to our community.

    Keep up the good work, all.

  4. I will work with Charles any chance I can. He does great work.

    In this case I was his correspondent. He has already done the same for me as a radio correspondent. Charles Douglas and I are not alone, maybe all of us that do this on our own time for peanuts or for free should get together and build a Humboldt independent news service that we could all contribute to. Advertisers might not be far behind. Mr. Douglas is practically a one man media outlet but with a bunch of contributors we (he) could create an online media blog thing owned and run by those that contribute. Money wouldn't be the driving factor but we might be able to trade meeting space and some food or coffee for a once a month meeting. We would be free of corporate control to write or publish what we want. we can already do this but together we can do much more.

  5. Mr. Sebourn, that is an awesome and realistic concept, especially given the resources you already have in place. This could be a new development for independent and hybrid journalism.


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