Wednesday, February 9, 2011

URGENT--Dire need for community solidarity!!!

From the Trinidad Skatepark Alliance blog
Hello All,

For those who attended the event Saturday night, good times were had indeed.  BUT, they came at a cost, as we in this small, quiet town anticipated.  Unfortunately, the wrath has been thrust at our hard-working, beloved City Clerk, Gabe Adams, who had no idea how BIG things were going to get.  He is asking for our help.  Please, join us at the City Council meeting this Wednesday night, 02/09, at Trinidad Town Hall, at 6:30 to show our solidarity for Gabe, for our community, and for our right to raise our collective voice.  You do not have to speak.  Your mere presence will speak for you.
See comments for tonights update. 


  1. About 100 people filled the Trinidad Town Hall tonight to attend the City Council meeting. Dozens of people took to the podium in support of Saturday nights fundraiser and also to show their support for building a skate park in or around Trinidad.

    Two people spoke to complain about the show from 9 to 10 pm that took place in the parking lot across the street from the Town Hall on Saturday night. They said the noise from the percussion was too much. The sound is the same as that from a propane jet igniting in a hot air balloon.

    The Council said that they would investigate the complaints and make sure everything was in order for the event that drew the two complaints.

    The City Council was receptive of the large audience that is not usually present at their meetings. Julie Fulkerson said the current ordinance on skateboarding was vague and should be re-examined. They hope to have a plan drawn up to find people to volunteer for a committee that would identify possible sites in the city where a skateboard park or multi use park could be built. People should be able to sign up by the next Council meeting in a month. The Council will try to determine how many people should be on the committee and what their priorities will be by the next meeting.

    It may take some time, but it seems from the enthusiasm in the room that this will move forward.

  2. I should have added that it looks like City Clerk, Gabe Adams will be around at least until the next meeting. There was no indication tonight that his job was in jeopardy. He helped the Trinidad Skateboard Alliance with securing the venue for the Saturday night show.


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