Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Why Does Clarence Thomas Get Away With Breaking the Law, As His Wife Shills for Wealthy Right-Wingers?"

From Brad Friedman at The Brad Blog:

Picking up on The BRAD BLOG's coverage last week, offering new and exclusive details on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' 20 years of financial disclosure crimes, and the specific legal penalties --- including jail time --- that he ought to be very worried about (if accountability was ever appropriately brought to folks on the Right) Nancy Goldstein at Alternet today quotes me in her new article asking "Why Does Clarence Thomas Get Away With Breaking the Law, As His Wife Shills for Wealthy Right-Wingers?"
I'm quoted at the beginning of her report, as follows...
More ( Today the Brad Blog at has been taken down.)  He said last night on the Mike Malloy show while interviewing cartoonist Tom Tomorrow that he was the subject of attack by the US Chamber of Commerce for his contributions to the story.  Today his blog is off line. Coincidence?
Here is a link to the Alternet story that still works.
Here is a related story

UPDATE From Brad Friedman:

Following last night’s show, the server was knocked off line. At this time, I’m not certain of the cause, and having trouble getting information from my server adminstrator.
While the incident occurred following my coverage, on last night’s show, of the group of “security firms” working to put together a plan for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to attack both my non-profit organizations — which I had written about as well last night — and then the revelation that they were also targeting me and my family personally (both as covered last night by ThinkProgress), I don’t yet know if any of that has anything to do with this fairly unprecedented outage or not.
Working to figure that out. I am fine, however, and if need be, as I finish my week guest hosting Mike’s show tonight, we can run the chat room etc. here at the server (thanks to Mike’s server admin folks 921!)
So, more details as I’m able to figure it all out. Check back at this space for more details if  The BRAD BLOG is still down for the short term. And my thanks to all of those who have sent email, tweets and other messages of support!
UPDATE 1:28pm PT: Journalist David Dayen of Firedoglake has just covered this story with an article based on an interview he did with me this afternoon, pointing out why shedding sunlight on the way these creeps operate is so important (and how the corporate media has, so far, failed to do a damned thing about it.)


  1. Gosh, I'm glad that Mr. Friedman pointed out where in the article he is quoted, because that's so important.

  2. Yeah Joel, that's what this story is all about. It's all about Brad Friedman and not Clarence Thomas's wife taking 100-thousand dollars a year for several years from the Heritage Foundation but not disclosing that income on his tax forms.
    This while Clarence Thomas sat on the case of Citizens United.

  3. I do not know anything about this so called crime but a thought occurs to me. Is it just possible that he and his wife file non-joint returns. Because of his job this would make sense to avoid conflict problems. Hate to burst a bubble but my guess is this is what is done. Its kind of funny how the left talks about all the idiots that listen to talk radio and you will take some shit off a blog an feel it is gods truth.

  4. Anonymous, if they were filing joint returns, Thomas wouldn't have had to redo his paperwork that he lied about at the capital on a Saturday.

    Also Brad Blog is not just some blog. I know Brad and he gets stuff right. You can learn more tonight on the Mike Malloy show at 6 pm Pacific.

    Read the stories and you will know something about this so called crime. Don't remain ignorant and spout crap about which you know nothing about.
    We're talking about real things about real people with real names and real paper work.
    This isn't just made up like your name.

    Falsifying tax returns is a crime punishable by a 50 thousand dollar fine for each instance and up to 1 year in jail.

  5. Brad said his blog and web sites are back up. They came back on line just seconds before he went on the air tonight.

  6. I'm not saying that the story is unimportant, but I would suggest that you could find better sources than the "I smoke; look at me" Brad Blog guy.

    Thomas perjured himself in front of the Senate in order to get onto the court and it's been downhill ever since.


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