Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where To Dump A Sea Tanker Full Of Highly Radioactive Water?

As I was beating up on Fox News on a friends blog I stumble across this story from them about the Japan nuclear crisis. The headline "Japan's Nuclear Rescuers: Inevitable Some of Them May Die Within Weeks" got my attention. 

It is actually a good update on the unfolding tragedy with information from one of the plant workers mothers.  She has passed along some information that if true is somewhat expected but startling none the less.

At the end of the story was the biggest surprise, A large sea tanker is being prepared to siphon and ship the water from the plant after it discovered that run-off containers and drainage tanks were almost full at three of the most critical reactors.  The government says it has yet to be decided where they will dispose of that water.
Read about the resin that is being sprayed on 95-thousand square yards at reactors 4 and 6 to hold the radioactive dust in place.
Fox News

This reminded me of a garbage barge that went up and down the east coast in 1987 looking for a place to dump the garbage.  From New York the garbage traveled all the way to Belize before it turned around and came back to New York where it was met with a restraining order and legal battle.  Eventually the garbage was incinerated in Brooklyn.

Building The Humboldt Online Universe April 6th.

EUREKA — On April 6, 2011, the North Coast Small Business Development Center, the Redwood Technology Consortium and the Humboldt County Economic Development Division will host a business leader’s luncheon featuring Internet Cosmonaut, Andrew Davis from Tipping Point Labs from 12pm - 2pm at Arcata Theatre Lounge.

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships - Inspiring collective online action” is a 90-minute presentation (and 30 minute Q&A), where Andrew Davis will share how working together to build the Humboldt Online Universe will drive revenue for individual businesses. We will explore unique opportunities designed to drive awareness of Humboldt’s goals and connect the dots from category growth to individual sales.

Participants will come away invigorated, inspired and excited about the region’s ability to coordinate a concerted online effort designed to grow their business. In addition, attendees will understand the effort and values they will need to embrace in order to achieve success.

The ideal audiences for this event are business owners, marketing managers and students. Admission and lunch is $30 general registration, $20 RTC members and Humboldt Made businesses, and for $10 students.  Lunch is catered by Teri’s Custom Catering.  Registration is available online through the North Coast Small Business Development Center website, .

Andrew Davis is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Tippingpoint Labs. Tippingpoint Labs is a Boston-based online content marketing agency. Since 2002, Andrew Davis has been creating and implementing digital content strategies for consumer brands including Putnam Investments, TomTom, and Breville.  Prior to Tippingpoint Labs, Andrew developed and marketed products for ThinkAgent Technologies, SalieMae Solutions, and The Stock Market Photo Agency. He developed content for broadcast networks including CNN, Fox News, ABC Family, NBC and CBS. Andrew also managed the Muppet workshop for The Jim Henson Company in the late 1990's, working on films, Muppets from Space and Elmo in Grouchland, as well as TV, Sesame Street and Bear in the Big Blue House.  Andrew Davis has a B.S. in Television and Film from Boston University. He co-authored a book of short stories in 1998 entitled The Way Things Were. In 2001, Drew co-wrote and produced a documentary film called Roadside Ambition: One small town with two huge balls.
Building the Humboldt Universe is sponsored by the Redwood Technology Consortium, North Coast Small Business Development Center, the County of Humboldt Economic Development Division and the Headwaters Fund. For more information, call the North Coast Small Business Development Center, 707-445-1163.

Angeline Schwab
Community & Economic Development Specialist
County of Humboldt - CA
Prosperity Center
520 E Street - Eureka CA 95501
707-476-4813 (Direct)
707-445-7745 (Main Office)
707-445-7219 (Fax)
Humboldt County is a partner in the Prosperity! Network.
For more about community & economic development activities on the Redwood Coast, visit: and


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hunger Strike In Wisconsin Now 26 Days

From Politiscoop

On March 29th The Mike Malloy Radio Show broadcast the story about Matt Schauenburg and his hunger strike against Scott Walker and the GOP initiative to strip collective bargaining rights from Wisconsin Workers. This was the first real coverage of Matt and his brave attempt to stand up for workers in Wisconsin by going without food for now 25 days. If you have not heard or tuned into the Mike Malloy  Progressive Radio you can catch the Best In Nighttime Liberal Talk!  M-F 9pm-12am Eastern at Mike
On his broadcast last night Mike brought the first syndicated media attention about Matt Schauenburg to airwaves so the country will know about this brave mans endeavor. PolitiScoop gives Mike and his team 5 Scoops up for their coverage and concern about this matter and we hope that this is just the beginning of awareness about just how deeply people believe in this rise against oppression in the Badger State. Thank you Mike Malloy!
 Politiscoop dot com

Mike Malloy airs in Humboldt County live from 6 to 9 pm on AM 1480.

Budget Talks Break Down, Jerry Brown Gives Video Message

According to the Sacramento Bee, on Friday Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga and Senenator Bob Huff, R-Diamoond Bar handed the Governor a list of 53 different items that they wanted him to sign on to.  He said in a letter to them after they left that he was very surprosed and frankly. disappointed that "you came today with a very lonog list of demands, many of which are new and have no relationship whatsoever to the budget."  He added at the bottom of the letter, "Lets's get moving!"

Abalone Season Opens April 1st.

Abalone Season Opens April 1
New Report Cards Available through Automated License Data System

California’s popular red abalone season will open April 1 in waters
north of San Francisco Bay. The Department of Fish and Game (DFG)
reminds divers and rock pickers that anyone taking abalone must record
their catch on an abalone report card, and tag the animal with
corresponding tags from the cards. 

This year, all licenses and cards will be available through the new
Automated License Data System (ALDS), which automatically records
purchases in an active database.  
“Abalone report cards are a vital source of information needed to
manage this resource, and the ALDS will allow us to track whether
individuals have returned their report cards as required by law,” said
DFG Associate Marine Biologist Jerry Kashiwada. “In the past, we could
not easily determine who had not returned their cards.”

Abalone report cards should be returned to the DFG Fort Bragg office at
32330 North Harbor Drive, Fort Bragg, CA 95437-5554. This season’s
return deadline is January 31, 2012, although cards may be submitted
early. Abalone report cards must be returned even if no abalone is

Because of the nature of the paper used for the ALDS abalone report
card and tags, scissors are needed to separate the tags from the card
just prior to attaching them to an abalone. In the past, scissors were
not needed to separate the pre-perforated tags.
Tags that are separated from the cards ahead of time are invalid. Holes
may be punched in the tags immediately after purchase, however. Other
slight modifications to the tagging procedure, such as using scissors to
cut off tags, may be needed with the ALDS report cards.

The Fish and Game Commission is currently considering proposals for
marine protected areas (MPAs) along the north coast, from Point Arena in
Mendocino County to the Oregon border. The north coast MPA process will
not affect the 2011 abalone season. To find out more about the MPAs
currently under consideration, please visit

Currently, the only open abalone fishery in California is in the
northern region of the state. This fishery is biologically sustainable
and has remained productive for nearly 60 years. In 2009, the most
recent year for which figures are available, the recreational catch in
northern California was an estimated 295,000 abalone.

Everyone engaging in the take of abalone is responsible for knowing and
abiding by all California abalone sport fishing regulations. A complete
list of abalone fishing regulations is also available in the 2011 Ocean
Sport Fishing regulations booklet, available wherever fishing licenses
are sold, at DFG offices and online at

They Don't Call Themselves KMUD For Nothing

Just north of the studios of people powered, non commercial,. true local radio KMUD in Garberville/Redway is the biggest mud slide I have seen in a long time.  The best part is no one got hurt and they got aerial photographs that you can look at here

Local So Hum blogger Redheaded Blackbelt has some more great pix.
US 101 won't be open for a few days.

US 101 Closed North of Garberville For Up To Two Weeks?

Dave has the most information on this as his son drives a truck and saw it happen.

Radiation Pouring Into The Ocean, Controlling Leakage Could Take Weeks Or Months

(Reuters) - Japan said there was no end in sight to the crisis at its earthquake-wrecked nuclear power plant on Wednesday as a spike in radioactive iodine levels in seawater added to evidence of reactor leakages around the complex and beyond.

Current background radiation levels in the US are close to normal but the event that is causing this is far from over.  When Plutonium flows into the ocean with no end in sight, things aren't good or even ok.  This story will be not be going away for a very long time.  We won't even be able to assess the damage until the plants are sealed and under control.  

Early Quarantine For Sport Harvest Mussles

SACRAMENTO – Coming a month earlier than in normal years, the annual quarantine of all mussel species publicly harvested along the California coast takes effect today. The quarantine is beginning earlier this year because testing by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) detected elevated levels of domoic acid and paralytic shellfish poisoning.

“Poisoning from eating mussels can lead to severe illness, including coma and death,” said CDPH Interim Director Dr. Howard Backer. “It is critical that individuals do not consume sport-harvested mussels because there are no known antidotes to the toxins found in these mussels and cooking does not reliably eliminate the toxins.”

Both domoic acid poisoning (DAP) and paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) are linked to natural food sources for filter-feeding animals, including bivalve shellfish. The overwhelming majority of illnesses among humans occur between spring and fall. DAP symptoms can occur within 30 minutes to 24 hours after eating toxic seafood. In mild cases, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, headache and dizziness may occur. These symptoms disappear completely within several days. In severe cases, the victim may experience excessive bronchial secretions, difficulty breathing, confusion, disorientation, cardiovascular instability, seizures, and permanent loss of short-term memory, coma and death. PSP affects the central nervous system by producing a tingling around the mouth and fingertips within a few minutes to a few hours after eating toxic shellfish. Typical symptoms are loss of balance, lack of muscular coordination, slurred speech and difficulty swallowing. In severe poisonings, complete muscular paralysis and death from asphyxiation can occur.
The mussel quarantine runs through October 31. It applies to sport-harvested mussels along the coast, including all bays, harbors and estuaries.

Commercially harvested shellfish are not included in the annual quarantine. These products are certified by the state and subject to strict requirements to ensure that all mussels, oysters and clams entering the marketplace are free of toxins.

For updated information on quarantines and shellfish toxins, call the CDPH shellfish information line at (800) 553-4133.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plan It Green Coming Saturday To Arcata

“The Next Generation”

Plan It Green’s Fifth Annual Building Green Communities Conference and Trade Show
April 2, 2011 Arcata Community Center

Humboldt Plan It Green is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization working to increase the demand for green buildings, renewable energy systems, local food production systems, and sustainable economic development by providing inspiration, education, and technical assistance.
Some of our programs and campaigns include:
  • Humboldt County’s Green Employers Council
  • Humboldt Green Building Program
  • Building Green Communities Conference series
  • Humboldt County Green Business Certification system
  • Technical Training Seminars
  • Information and workshops for the general public
  • Facilitation of formal and informal gatherings
Our target audience includes you and home owners, commercial building owners, construction contractors, design professionals, public agency staff, and the general public.
Humboldt Plan It Green invites you to join in creating a vibrant green and stable community here, on the north coast.

This weekends event is free and open to the public.  There will be 50 booths, a petting zoo,  a Kids Zone, Samba Parade, A Time Tunnel into the future and other activities and events.

This year's event is focused on the kids which are the next generation.


Assault With A Deadly Weapon In Trinidad, Suspect Still At Large


Sanford Vonladwig


Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies are searching for a suspect involved in an assault last night.  At about 9 p.m. deputies were called to a residence on the 300 block of
View Avenue
in Trinidad for a reported assault.  Upon their arrival, deputies learned that two Trinidad men, Mark Livesay, 36, and Sanford Vonladwig, 32, had become involved in a physical fight.  During the fight Vonladwig struck Livesay in the face using a chain with a padlock attached.  Livesay required medical treatment for the injuries to his face and mouth.

Deputies were unable to locate Vonladwig.  Hey have submitted a request for an arrest warrant against Vonladwig for assault with a deadly weapon. 

Vonladwig is a white male adult, 6’1” tall weighing about 220 pounds.  He has blond hair and blue eyes and goes by the name “Sandy.”
Anybody with information about Vonladwig’s whereabouts should call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

Mike Downey

Monday, March 28, 2011

More On HSU Bomb Threat Today

Arcata, Calif.—Humboldt State University’s Founders and Van Matre Halls were closed and evacuated following a report of a bomb threat in the area. Just before 10 a.m. University Police Department personnel discovered a note in the HSU Library about a potential bomb threat in the Founders Hall area of campus. University Police immediately evacuated the area and began a full investigation into the threat.

By 3 p.m., University Police had completed the search of the buildings and discovered no bombs or other suspicious items. After deeming the area safe, University Police lifted the cordon. An investigation is on going and people in the area are urged to remain alert. Any items out of the ordinary can be reported to University Police at (707) 826-5555 or by emailing

Classes in the two buildings were canceled during the search, and were resumed by 4 p.m. Classes scheduled for Monday evening will take place as planned. Students should contact their instructors for information regarding make-up times for canceled classes.

Updates were available on the HSU Homepage, Emergency Notification Web site as well as 826-INFO throughout the day. KHSU-FM along with other regional media outlets were also updated throughout the day.
The campus Emergency Text Alert System is activated only in the event of a campus-wide emergency. Today’s incident involved a geographically defined area of the campus, and there were many students, staff and faculty who were in unaffected areas. Police chose not to interrupt classes in unaffected areas by initiating a campus-wide text alert.

More information is posted at the HSU homepage at, HSU’s Emergency Conditions webpage at, and on 707/826-INFO (4636).

Jarad Petroske

Marketing & Communications
Humboldt State University

Three Days Ago, There Were Snow Drifts Here

I was with my engineer at one of our transmitter sites today on the top of Kneeland. It is a great site for an antenna overlooking Eureka and Humboldt Bay in the distance. Since it wasn't raining I had to take a picture of the scenery.  It is a nice view from up there.

We just had a generator installed and are getting ready to install the propane tank.  Currently, when the electricity goes off at this site, so does the signal.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smart Meters For Cars As A Way To Tax Mileage?

A new Congressional Budget Office report was requested by Senator Kent Conrad, a democrat from North Dakota.  He is the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. Conrad asked the CBO for ideas on transportation funding.  Conrad wanted to know the best way to raise revenue since more and more cars are using less gas.  Electric cars pay no gas tax currently.  Gas taxes are the main revenue source for highway maintenance and up keep.
Conrad raised the specter of a vehicle miles traveled or VMT tax.  Cars would have to be equipped with electronic meters that could track the miles traveled, peek driving time such as rush hour, and even the weight of the vehicle since larger vehicles do more damage to roads.  The CBO said that the technology exists to do this.  The question is, should it be done?
See more at The Hill

First Federal Agency To Admit Marijuana Has Medical Benefits
This is a milestone and a first for a federal agency.  This by no means settles the dispute between the federal government that says medical marijuana is more dangerous than Heroin and Cocaine, and states that say it is medicine. 

The federal government is way off base here. We have all heard of, or  known someone that overdosed on Heroin and Cocaine.  It is not unusual for those overdoses to lead to death.  There just aren't any credible examples of people dieing from smoking too much pot.

The article says 1 in 8 prisoners in the U.S. are locked up due to a Marijuana related offense. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Alamo Burger, Only At Carl's Jr.

The parent company of Carl's Jr., CKE Restaurants Inc. is considering moving from California to Texas.  CKE stands for Carl Karcher Enterprises.  My father went to work for Carl when he only had 3 restaurants in Anaheim Ca. My god father is or was,(I'm now past the age for one) Carl's brother Frank Karcher. Carl started and grew his company in California against all odds from a hot dog cart. I still recall Christmas Eve at the Vons in down town Anaheim just before I moved to Humboldt Co. I was in the check out line and Carl was in front of me.  He and his company were as Californian as In n' Out Burger. 
Carl has passed on and his company is not family owned like In n' Out. I'm not sure he would be in favor of moving the company headquarters to Texas were he still alive.  This is like a part of my childhood being shipped off to the lowest bidder.  I say if they make the move, we invite In n' Out Burger to the market.
Until they show up, we do have many local burger places that even sell Humboldt Grass Fed Beef burgers.  These are better for you than In n' Out but they aren't always as consistent.  I am using this break from my childhood to ask, does anyone else want an In n' Out Burger in Eureka?

California Hanging Judge Calls For Abolishing Death Penalty To Help Balance State Budget

According to Think Progress, former Ca. Superior Court Judge Donald McCartin says the state could save 125-million dollars a year if we abolished the death penalty.  In addition California would save about 400-million dollars by not having to build a new death row facility at San Quentin. That's half a billion dollars of savings in one year alone. 
It costs a lot of money to kill people.  In Libya we used Tomahawk missiles at a cost of about $1-million dollars each totaling about $100-million dollars the first day of the operation.  In Afghanistan is costs about $ 50-million dollars to kill each Taliban soldier.
We need to get our priorities straight. Education is cheaper in the long run than killing people. It also creates more prosperity, a better way of life and a happy productive work force that pays taxes.
We in California are braced for cuts in services and tax hikes.  Lets be prudent in our choices.  If it is cheaper to house and feed people than kill them, lets save money and lives. After all this is California, we're used to paying a little more to live here.  Lets do more living, less killing and save money at the same time.

Sacramento Kings To Move To Anaheim?

The city of Anaheim Ca. wants the Sacramento Kings basketball team to relocate to their town.  They are even throwing in 75-million dollars to make it happen.  The city doesn't have the money and will have to borrow it and pay interest.  This is what corporate welfare looks like.

It's not like they want the team to fill a city owned arena, they want them to play at the Honda Center, which is privately owned.

More at USA Today

I Promised I'd Pass This Along

I have told several people that when he left again, I would pass it along.
My news guy J.B. is leaving town today.  Why should that concern anyone but me?  It is a fact that every time we have had some sort of disaster, power outage January storm, earthquake or Tsunami and or warning, he has been out of town. 
This is not to say that every time he goes out of town, we have a disaster, he does travel a lot.   Still, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't remind people to have their earthquake, flood or solar flair kit well in order and stocked up. I just got out my water purifier so I won't have to look for it. 
I did this post as a promise and in hopes to jinks the normal flow of energy.  I don't want to work this weekend. Just sayin'.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Elk River Flooding and Occasion Lake

The Elk River just south of Eureka is wandering all over the valley tonight as is the Little River near Moonstone.  I couldn't get a picture of Little River but you can see the Elk River encroaching on a barn and some other out buildings.
This is what I like to call Occasion Lake.  It is at north intersection of US 101 and Bayside Cutoff.  I call it that because it's only there on occasion.  When it is't pretending to be a lake, it is a cow pasture.
Photo taken at 50 miles per hour on US 101 looking north east toward Bayside and Jacoby Creek.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Missing Person Elena Kester

Down With The Dish, Down With The Dish!

High winds toppled a large satellite dish at the radio stations near Humboldt Hill last night.  Luckily there is a backup dish so no programming was interrupted.

Elsewhere in Humboldt, high winds and falling tree branches caused power outages this morning in Myrtletown, McKinleyville and Westhaven/Moonstone.


5th District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg Holds Town Hall Meeting Tonight

photo from watch paul blog
Supervisor Ryan Sundberg will hold a town hall meeting with with residents of the greater Trinidad area from Crannell to Big Lagoon.  The meeting will take place at Trinidad Town Hall from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm tonight.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Raining Food And Jazz!

It's party time in Eureka so what's a little rain?
Thursday is "A Taste Of Main Street" mostly in Old Town Eureka.  Bring your umbrella and waterproof shoes and taste small tidbits from several of Eureka's fine food establishments. Check out the Big Band Dance to cap the night off.
Thursday is also the kick off for the four day Redwood Coast Jazz Festival in Eureka. Bring your dancing shoes, a bag for them and your waterproof shoes and an umbrella.  The venues are inside and there are circling shuttles to move you around.

How High Are The Rivers?

The link below is great for seeing how the river near you is doing.  We have had a lot of rain and tonight there were a few spots near flood stage.  Use the link as the picture is just a screen shot from about 9:45 pm Wednesday night 3-23-11

Endangered Coho Salmon Return to Russian River

California Department of Fish and Game News Release
March 23, 2011
Scientists working on the recovery of endangered coho salmon in northern California appreciate success even if it comes in small doses. Field biologists from the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) are reporting the largest number of coho returning to spawn in Sonoma County tributaries of the Russian River in more than a decade. 
Most of these fish were released as fingerlings into the river system, as part of a captive broodstock program at Don Clausen Warm Springs Hatchery on Lake Sonoma. The broodstock program began 10 years ago, when wild coho salmon were rapidly vanishing from the region.
Prior to the launch of the recovery program in 2001, the number of returning adult coho salmon averaged less than four per year. These low numbers were the catalyst for the Russian River Coho Salmon Captive Broodstock Program, a recovery effort in which offspring from hatchery-reared adults are released into the river system.
This year, biologists estimate that more than 190 adult coho may have returned to the Russian River system, beginning with early storms in October and peaking in December. Promisingly, a few coho are being sighted in creeks that are not stocked, utilizing habitat beyond those tributaries in which coho are released.
“We are hopeful that coho salmon released through this program will continue to return to the Russian River system in increasing numbers and begin to establish self-sustaining populations,” says Manfred Kittel, Coho Salmon Recovery Coordinator for DFG’s Bay Delta Region. “The program is a cornerstone of coho salmon recovery efforts in central California, but the number of fish observed this year must be seen in perspective. A healthy coho population should number in the tens of thousands in California.”
Coho salmon abundance has declined dramatically statewide in the past few years. Biologists believe that additional captive breeding efforts and other focused recovery measures will likely have to be instituted to prevent widespread extinction of coho salmon in central California.
Coho salmon in central California are listed as an endangered species under both the State and Federal Endangered Species Acts. It is against the law to catch them anywhere in the state.
The Russian River Coho Salmon Captive Broodstock Program is a broad coalition of government agencies, scientists and private landowners dedicated to bringing back productive salmon runs. Its members include DFG, which manages the hatchery component at the Don Clausen Warm Springs Hatchery, University of California Sea Grant Extension, National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and Sonoma County Water Agency.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Does Anybody In Humboldt County Have A Geiger Counter Other Than PG&E?

The only official radiation experts in Humboldt Co. seem to be the people at the PG&E Humboldt Bay Power Plant.  I am just asking if anyone out there has a Geiger Counter, knows how to read it, knows the normal background radiation here and would like to share their information. This could possibly be on the radio and or this blog. 


The North Coast Veterans Resource Center (NCVRC)  and the Eureka Chamber of Commerce invite you to an open house for the new veteran’s transitional housing facility and resource center in Eureka.  Tours will be offered from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM at the new facility located on 4th Street between B and C Streets.  At 3:00 PM a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony will be held to acknowledge the work of individuals and organizations who contributed to the new resource center. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fourth Street, Eureka

(Between 'B' and 'C' Streets)

Open House/Tours
11:30 to 3:00 PM

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
3:00 PM
For more information, call the North Coast Veterans Resource Center at 442-4322 or visit

Monday, March 21, 2011

Live Rent Free In The Great Outdoors

Humboldt County Campsite or serving suggestion
Jane Braxton Little writing at the Sacramento Bee says the Bureau of Land Management is looking for campground hosts to live at campgrounds in Shasta and Trinity Counties.

 She says the BLM volunteers live on site in their own campers or trailer with living expenses but no salary.  They also
provide visitor information and do some light maintence work.

Find Out More

PG&E Discusses Spent Nuclear Fuel Stored At Humboldt Bay Power Plant

In light of recent events in Japan, I would like to share some information about the Humboldt Bay Power Plant and Generating Station.
The Humboldt Bay Power Plant is in the process of decommissioning.  The spent nuclear fuel stored on site is located in a very secure underground structure.  The Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) project was completed in 2008 and the facilities have been designed to withstand an 8.8 magnitude Cascadia subduction zone earth quake and a tsunami surge between 28 to 43 feet above sea level. The underground vault affords greater seismic stability, greater protection from tsunamis, reduced maintenance, enhanced aesthetics, and uses conductive cooling, making it completely passive, meaning that the facility is able to perform its job without requiring any actions to be taken by plant workers.
At the Humboldt Bay Power Plant we have both the ability to monitor for external radiation and a highly trained radiation protection team at the site. We have two different types of sensors to detect external radiation at the Humboldt Bay Power Plant, air samplers and thermoluminescent dosimeters.  They are located on site as well as throughout Humboldt County.  We are coordinating with the California Department of Public Health and local agencies to provide them with information obtained from the sensors that could be made available to the public.
The Humboldt Bay Generating Station was designed to comply with the requirements for a seismic zone established by the California Building Code.  It was also designed to minimize risk from potential flooding impacts.

Governor Jerry Brown Releases First Offical You Tube Video

California's Governon asks voters to call legistlators and ask them to support his call for a special election on taxes.

Here are some of the cuts that have been made up to this point.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Power Restored To Two Japanese Reactors

From the live twitter feed at Commoon
bbcbreaking Tokyo Electric Power Company declares #nuclear reactor units 5 and 6 under control after their fuel storage pools cooled down #Fukushima

From Reuters:
"There have been some positive developments in the last 24 hours but overall the situation remains very serious," said Graham Andrew, a senior official of Vienna-based U.N. watchdog the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Working in suits sealed by duct tape, engineers have managed to re-establish power cables to the No. 1, 2, 5 and 6 reactors and plan to start testing systems soon, officials say.
If the pumps cannot restart, drastic and lengthy measures may be needed like burying the plant in sand and concrete.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Overnight Storm Brings Spring Snow

The storm that moved through Humboldt County brought snow to lower elevations.  This photo taken from Scenic Drive south of Trinidad shows snow just above Blue Lake Ca.  Judging by the amount of rain we got here on the coast, they must have gotten some pretty deep snow at higher elevations. 

Talking Wood Stoves

I bought  an Adirondack Drolet wood stove almost exactly a year ago. I am happy with wood stove overall.  When I have seasoned dry oak, I can have the house warm in an hour or two. Sometimes it isn't available.  fThere are always things that are different than just setting the super expensive thermostat for the propane furnace.  It can be somewhat inconvenient.  If you have wood that isn't quite dry, and where we live what is,  you sometimes have a hard time getting  a good bed of coals.
I always use a small propane torch to get things started.  Sometimes the wood just won't light.  Kindling is the first solution but sometimes that just isn't available.   I have found a couple of solutions for that. One is a compressed log sold locally at Resale Lumber. These are $1.20 ea. and three make a nice hot fire.  One will get wet wood going and burn for up to 12 hours.  If you can't get these super compressed logs from Resale Lumber ( the three pack version sold in stores offer nowhere near the heat or length of heat) there is another simple solution that I have discovered. 
Place the best and driest wood you have over 4 or 5 Bridgeford charcoals. the same ones you use in the summer for burgers and tofu. 
Put the coals under the wood and set the torch to the coals.  The coals will light and create enough heat to light most wood.  This works better and is much cheaper than fire starters sold to do the same thing for about 2 bucks a piece.  If you need more heat, ad a few more briquettes from the bag.  Fire starters and chemical logs have a terrible smell when they come out of the chimney and they aren't good for your stove.  Charcoal smells more like a bbq before you put the food on it. 
Save money and keep warm.  If anyone knows why this a bad idea, please straighten me out.

Friday, March 18, 2011

US Coast Guard Salvage Operation Crescent City Ca. Pt. 2

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. - Contractors with the Crescent City Tsunami Response work during high tide to remove debris from the city's inner harbor during clean up operations, Friday, March 18, 2011. The Unified Command'€™s goal is to remove all environmental threats, which resulted from the tsunami, so that Crescent City can begin rebuilding their harbor as quickly as possible. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jaclyn Young.

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. - Contractors with the Crescent City Tsunami Response work during high tide to remove debris from the city's inner harbor during clean up operations, Friday, March 18, 2011. The Unified Command's goal is to remove all environmental threats, which resulted from the tsunami, so that Crescent City can begin rebuilding their harbor as quickly as possible. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jaclyn Young.

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. -- Safety officers observe dive operations around a sunken vessel in the Crescent City Harbor in preparation to lift the vessel out of the water with inflatable float bags for salvage Friday, March 18, 2011. The Crescent City Unified Command̢۪s goal is to remove all environmental threats, which resulted from the tsunami, so that community can begin rebuilding their harbor as quickly as possible. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jaclyn Young.

US Coast Guard Salvage Operation Crescent City California Pt. 1

Photo Release: Crescent City tsunami response continues with dive operations, debris removal.
CRESCENT CITY, Calif -- A diver with MM Diving attaches inflatable float bags around a sunken vessel in the Crescent City Inner Harbor during salvage operations Friday, March 18, 2011. The Crescent City Tsunami Response Unified Command'€™s goal is to remove all environmental threats, which resulted from the tsunami, so that community can begin rebuilding their harbor as quickly as possible. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Levi Read.

CRESCENT CITY, Calif -- A dive team with MM Diving work to attach inflatable float bags around a sunken vessel in the Crescent City Inner Harbor during salvage operations Friday, March 18, 2011. The Crescent City Tsunami Response Unified Command'€™s goal is to remove all environmental threats, which resulted from the tsunami, so that the community can begin rebuilding their harbor as quickly as possible. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Levi Read.

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. - Contractors with the Crescent City Tsunami Response work during high tide to remove debris from the city's inner harbor during clean up operations, Friday, March 18, 2011. The crews are working through rain and unfavorable weather to clean the harbor of environmental threats for the public's safety. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Levi Read.

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. - Contractors with the Crescent City Tsunami Response work during high tide to remove debris from the city's inner harbor during clean up operations, Friday, March 18, 2011. The crews are working through the rain and unfavorable weather to clean the harbor of environmental threats for the public's safety. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Levi Read.

Sunny Brae Middle Students Walk In Protest Of War

Billy Askew

Twenty five Sunny Brae Middle School students walked out of class
today to demonstrate their opposition to war and to the Navy’s
proposed weapons testing in the Pacific off the North Coast. At least
one student also voiced solidarity with the Union organizers in
Wisconsin. Today’s rally coincided with the anniversary of the
invasion of Iraq and was part of a nation-wide day of action against
war.  At two o’clock students emerged from their classrooms and
gathered in the eighth grade basketball courts. One rally participant
said that they chose this location, which was on school grounds, to
prevent being mispercieved as just an excuse to cut class.
Participants also said that the rally would have been larger but some
students were kept from participating by teachers who prevented them
from leaving class.  Although they did not participate, other students
and even staff showed solidarity and support for the rally.

The demonstrators held signs that read “No More War” and “Stop the War
on our Oceans”.
The students chanted “enough is enough” and sang songs including “All
you need is love”.
Billy Askew, one of the participants in the rally said “It is
especially important for us as students to exercise our First
Amendment rights and to stand up against the use of weapons to solve
our problems.”

The walkout and rally eventually ended peacefully. Seven students were
told that they might be receiving a detention or a referral for their
participation within the next week.

Interactive Real Time Radiation Map US

The map updates every minute or so.  Thanks to Redheaded Black belt for bringing this to our attention.

A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion - Communication #1

RawStory reports:
Decentralized protest group "Anonymous" has encountered many foes in the past: Sarah Palin, PayPal, the Church of Scientology, MasterCard, the Westboro Baptists and even the governments of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, to name a few.

But now, one of the group's members has issued a call for perhaps their most audacious campaign yet: civil disobedience against the private central banking system that underpins all the world's industrial economies.

In a little-noticed video published Sunday, one "Anonymous" calls for the dawning of "Operation Empire State Rebellion": a "relentless campaign of peaceful resistance" against organizations that participate in they termed the "control" of large populations through pieces of paper and bits of data.
They also called for US Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's resignation.

It reamains to be seen whether this operation will succeed in drawing the support of other members of "Anonymous." It was also unclear what exactly they had planned, or even if they could prove to be more than mere annoyance to the world's banking cartels.
But then again, ostensibly the same group did take down MasterCard for a day.

Do I Really Need Gas?

Do I Really Need Gas?
Since the earthquake in Japan, the gas and coal industry have been on the air waves pounding their message of clean, safe, local energy.  The natural gas industry has been the most prominent on the cable news channels providing coverage for the nuclear disaster going on there.  
Natural gas, by its self is pretty clean burning. Getting at the gas is another problem.  The practice of hydraulic fracturing or fracking is causing gas to mix into water aquifers according to people that live in the regions where fracking is being done.
It still sounds better than nuclear reactors but only because it only destroys drinking water.  Nuclear fallout can destroy entire ecosystems for decades killing every single thing in it's path.. 
Germany has shut 7 of their nuclear power plants since the disaster in Japan.  They have an abundance of solar, so much so that they had to stop the rebates and incentives because their aging electrical grid couldn't handle anymore.
Where is Nikola Tesla when you need him?  He was overshadowed by Thomas Edison.  Tesla had a science that was like a smart phone charging pad with no need for wires or a grid.  The biggest problem with Nikola Tesla's idea was that there was no meter involved to charge customers because the power was essentially free.
Instead, we  are lead to believe that because nuclear power is now seen as horrific, we should settle for tap water that lights on fire, more earthquakes, and pipe lines that may explode.
Just as we are seeing an urgent need for intelligent people to help solve our problems, our country is cutting education funding.  The Pentagon can't account for over two trillion dollars.  NPR costs a billion total. That is one thousandth of a trillion.  Why are we cutting that instead of finding the over two trillion dollars or two thousand billion dollars that those clowns somehow misplaced?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Did I mention that the NCAA March Madness is on am 1340?

Back to back coverage of the NCAA Basketball Playoffs will be on espn 1340 am in Eureka.  The station that supposedly had the contract dropped the ball so to speak.  I picked it up.  We on the north coast have been a bit on edge for the last week, and for good reason.  A little basket ball is a nice break for some to calm the nerves.

Live Twitter Feed And NHK World News Video Coverage Of Japanese Nuclear Distaster

The information comes out faster than any of us can even report it.  Here is about the best coverage I have found on the Common Dreams web site.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Prepared For Fallout

I got a notice today that the order I made on Sunday for Potassium Iodide tablets can not be filled.  An email from the Amazon supplier said I could get a substitute that had the same effects.  I ordered tablets that contain 32.5 mg of Potassium Iodide.  The substitute tablet contains 99 Mg of Potassium, 5 mg Sodium and 225 mcg of Iodine.
I accepted the substitute as both pills are cheap.  It has been my experience that if you have gas in the generator, the lights stay on during a storm.  I hope to never use these but when it comes to something so cheap, better to be safe than sorry I say.
What say you?  Has anybody else taken any precautions in case things get worse in Japan?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Workers Being Evacuated From Japan Nuclear Plant


BREAKING NEWS: Operations to prevent meltdown at Japanese nuclear plant halted due to radiation surge

Here is live coverage from the BBC.

Monday, March 14, 2011

In Japan Reports Of Meltdown, Fukushima Evacuation

Image from Dees Illustraion
Mar. 14 2011 - 10:52 pm | 2,911 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments
Here is a description of the scene around Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant. It was reported by phone by Hitoshi Katanoda, a photographer on the scene, who minutes ago called Forbes contributor Yas Idei in Tokyo. Here is Idei’s description of the conversation:
“Hitoshi of Polaris who is near the plant just called me. It is a panic there. No way to escape as gas station are closed and rescuers are all gone.”
In another message, Idei says: The level of radiation is three times higher than normal in Tokyo.
More to follow shortly. For another story on reports of Fukushima evacuation, click here.

Crescent City Tsunami Fact Sheet # 3

DATE: March 14, 2011 TIME: 1530
Alexia Retallack, (916) 952-3317
Petty Officer Erik Swanson, (510) 289-5794


Location:   Crescent City Inner Basin Harbor, Crescent City, CA

Cause:   Tsunami following 8.9 earthquake in Japan

•       47 vessels afloat but with some level of damage
•       16 sunken vessels
•       1 vessel grounded at mouth of Elk River
•       Large debris including rocks, logs, and vessel debris scattered
about inner harbor and shore
•       Navigable waters status unknown; boaters should use extreme
caution transiting the area
•       Significant damage to moorings and docks

Closures or restrictions: 
•       Harbor access restricted for public safety
•       Harbor closed to all personnel at night, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
until further notice.
•       To prevent crabs and other seafoods from being contaminated and
unmarketable, commercial fisherman are advised of the following
o       Commercial vessels are advised to not run circulation pumps as
they approach Crescent City Boat Harbor or within Crescent City Boat
o       Do not pull crab pots or other traps up through water if a
visible sheen is present
•       Safety zone in place for Crescent Harbor; no movement without
consent of USCG
•       Dock access limited due to safety concerns; personnel floatation
device strongly advised
•       No access to boom area without authorization by USCG

Harbor operations:  Crescent City Harbor asks affected boat owners to
contact the harbor at 707-464-6174 ext. 22 to provide the following
•       Boat name
•       Official number/vin
•       Fuel capacity
•       Actual fuel onboard
•       All contact information
Wildlife:  No observed wildlife impacts at this time. Assessment will

Crews deployed:   US Coast Guard, California Fish and Game, Harbor
District Personnel, Army Corps of Engineers, oil spill response

Information numbers:
•       Crescent City Harbor boat owners contact 707-464-6174 ext. 22
•       Report oil 1-800-852-7550
•       Report Injured Wildlife 1-877-823-6926
Follow the event on Twitter at DFG_OSPR or


FUKUSHIMA, Japan (Reuters) - Japan's prime minister warned that radioactive levels had become "significantly" higher around an earthquake-stricken nuclear power plant on Tuesday after explosions at two reactors, and the French embassy said a low level radioactive wind could reach Tokyo in 10 hours.

By Brad Friedman on 3/14/2011 4:46pm


LATEST: PM to give 'Message to Nation' at 11am local time
Radiation at plant '3 times normal levels'
Explosion heard in suppression chamber (unlike previous explosions); All but 'critical' workers evacuated
Fuel rods half exposed (2.7 meters); Concern that core containment vessel may have been damaged...

THOSE INSIDE 20KM TO 30KM ZONE ASKED TO STAY INDOORS. See this update below for full details]

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Second Nuclear Reactor Explodes In Japan-Video

I don't know what they are saying but they seem pretty concerned.  The tall pyroclastic cloud seen following the explosion goes much higher into the atmosphere than the first plant explosion.

Someone or something wouldn't let me embed the video so here is the link.

According to the BradBlog:
An explosion has occurred within the past hour at the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 nuclear reactor in Japan. It appears to by a hydrogen explosion similar to the one which occurred at Unit 1 on Saturday. There had been reports earlier in the day that radiation had been rising at the reactor, similar to what had been reported before the earlier explosion at Unit 1.
More from Brad Friedman

Undaunted! More Than 100,000 Wisconsinites Rally "To Take Our State Back!"

From John Nicholes at The Nation.

"Wow! You go away for a couple of weeks and look at what happened!" shouted state Senator Jon Erpenbach, as he surveyed a crowd that organizers estimated at well over 100,000 that had rallied to welcome home Wisconsin's dissident senators.
Erpenbach and 13 other senators fled the state Capitol in mid-February, when Governor Scott Walker and his Republican allies were using their legislative majorities to strip state, county and municipal workers and teachers of their collective bargaining rights. That move blocked a vote on the legislation for three weeks, before the Republicans finally adopted a "nuclear strategy" to force adoption of the anti-union measure.
While opponents of the bill suffered a momentary legislative defeat, they enjoyed a dramatic political victory -- as a mass movement built, attracting hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites to mass rallies in Madison and communities across the state and causing the collapse of Walker's approval ratings even in Republican-sponsored polls.
More Here.

Photo from

9 Crescent City Vessels Adrift Or Whereabouts Unknown

Crescent City Ca. After March 11, 2011 Tsunami. Photo from
CONTACT: Alexia Retallack, (916) 952-3317               DATE:   March
12, 2011  TIME: 1030


Location:   Crescent City Inner Basin Harbor, Crescent City, CA

Cause:   Tsunami following 8.9 earthquake in Japan

•       17 vessels afloat, appear sound but need inspection to verify
•       17 vessels damaged/obviously sunk
•       9 vessels adrift or unknown
•       Several sunken vessels in harbor, exact locations unknown
•       Large debris including rocks, logs, and vessel debris scattered
about inner harbor and shore
•       Rip rap and harbor protection compromised
•       Navigable waters status unknown

Closures or restrictions:   Harbor access restricted for public safety

Wildlife:  No impacted wildlife at this time, crews continue to monitor
for it

Crews deployed:   US Coast Guard, California Fish and Game, Harbor
District Personnel

Information numbers:
   Crescent City Harbor boat owners contact 707-464-6174 ext. 22
   Report Injured Wildlife 1-877-823-6929

Here are some links to local blogs with lots of pictures:

US Senator Joe Liberman, WTC 7 Did Not Occur