Friday, March 18, 2011

A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion - Communication #1

RawStory reports:
Decentralized protest group "Anonymous" has encountered many foes in the past: Sarah Palin, PayPal, the Church of Scientology, MasterCard, the Westboro Baptists and even the governments of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, to name a few.

But now, one of the group's members has issued a call for perhaps their most audacious campaign yet: civil disobedience against the private central banking system that underpins all the world's industrial economies.

In a little-noticed video published Sunday, one "Anonymous" calls for the dawning of "Operation Empire State Rebellion": a "relentless campaign of peaceful resistance" against organizations that participate in they termed the "control" of large populations through pieces of paper and bits of data.
They also called for US Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's resignation.

It reamains to be seen whether this operation will succeed in drawing the support of other members of "Anonymous." It was also unclear what exactly they had planned, or even if they could prove to be more than mere annoyance to the world's banking cartels.
But then again, ostensibly the same group did take down MasterCard for a day.


  1. Gee...I hope I never anger that group.

    It's kinda scary to me that these people have decided to be the judge and jury (anonymously)over all of our lives.

    It doesn't matter if it's a individual, or a nation - they decide what is right or wrong and then comes the (peaceful)cyber attacks.

    Doesn't that bother you just a bit Tom?

  2. It bothers me no more than what the international banksters do without us having any say in it.

    It is kind of creepy though.


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