Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Alamo Burger, Only At Carl's Jr.

The parent company of Carl's Jr., CKE Restaurants Inc. is considering moving from California to Texas.  CKE stands for Carl Karcher Enterprises.  My father went to work for Carl when he only had 3 restaurants in Anaheim Ca. My god father is or was,(I'm now past the age for one) Carl's brother Frank Karcher. Carl started and grew his company in California against all odds from a hot dog cart. I still recall Christmas Eve at the Vons in down town Anaheim just before I moved to Humboldt Co. I was in the check out line and Carl was in front of me.  He and his company were as Californian as In n' Out Burger. 
Carl has passed on and his company is not family owned like In n' Out. I'm not sure he would be in favor of moving the company headquarters to Texas were he still alive.  This is like a part of my childhood being shipped off to the lowest bidder.  I say if they make the move, we invite In n' Out Burger to the market.
Until they show up, we do have many local burger places that even sell Humboldt Grass Fed Beef burgers.  These are better for you than In n' Out but they aren't always as consistent.  I am using this break from my childhood to ask, does anyone else want an In n' Out Burger in Eureka?


  1. IMG, yes!!!!!!!! Bring on the in-n-out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have a story. When I lived in Riverside back in 2006, I was employed by the Orange County Arc, and the Arc's headquarters are next door to the KCE headquarters in Anaheim. As far back as 2006, the rumors had started that KCE was moving to Texas.

    I guess employees from KCE would mingle with Arc employees, and the rumors just got bigger.

  3. I love In-N-Out Burgers!

    My buddies and I use to walk to the In-N-Out Burger on Azusa Ave - where the business first opened. (Back in the mid 60s when I was in high school)

    However, I have to admit I'd rather have locally grown, grass-fed, beef than what they have to offer.
    That still doesn't stop me from going to one whenever I go down south or to Redding. I can't find Humboldt beef there, so that's my excuse!

  4. If a new chain had to come to Humboldt, I'd like to see Fresh Choice replace Hometown Buffet. It's a buffet too, but with a humongous salad bar and a focus on locally grown produce. There are 30 locations and they have their own farm which is in the process of being certified organic. They are still a privately held company.

    As for Carl, when you relinquish control of your company, tough luck. When you let your child become a publicly traded company, you're accepting that profitability is likely to be prized above all else.

  5. I'll go along with that AJ. Sounds like a reason to go to the mall. The mall can use all the help it can get. I was thinking more about the old KFC in Myrtletown and maybe a location in McKinleyville or Valley West.

  6. One good reason for an In n' Out is that they only sell burgers and fries. No tacos, wraps, bagels, breakfast, pizza, chicken, burritos, hot dogs, BBQ, Stir Fry, Soup n Salad, you get my drift. They don't much damage to other restaurants unless they make a lousy burger.

  7. In 'n Out is certainly doing something right given their popularity and extreme customer traffic elsewhere. And... they have a 'secret menu'!

    I'm thinking In 'n Out is a privately held company and doesn't sell public stock? Trader Joe's is similar, a family held company, and they're very slow, particular, and careful about where and when they open up a new store-- only one location every 1-2 years.

    In 'n Out would likely be just as equally picky. Some franchises like Red Lobster will only open a new location in an area where there's a 100,000 person population base within a certain radius.

    All In 'n Outs seem to do a tremendous traffic. I'm not sure if the Myrtletown KFC location could handle the traffic snarl. The Eureka City Council already mentioned traffic studies indicate a real problem there-- around West Avenue-- in the years to come.

    Other than that, I'd welcome an In 'n Out. They concentrate on the basics well. They have good wages and benefits for their employees, I understand.

  8. Do we really need more low-quality fast food? Fresh Choice sounds great, but good luck getting these booger-eating burger lovers to eat well. You sound like those pimple-faced wizards who challenge each other over the differences between Coke and Pepsi.


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