Saturday, March 26, 2011

California Hanging Judge Calls For Abolishing Death Penalty To Help Balance State Budget

According to Think Progress, former Ca. Superior Court Judge Donald McCartin says the state could save 125-million dollars a year if we abolished the death penalty.  In addition California would save about 400-million dollars by not having to build a new death row facility at San Quentin. That's half a billion dollars of savings in one year alone. 
It costs a lot of money to kill people.  In Libya we used Tomahawk missiles at a cost of about $1-million dollars each totaling about $100-million dollars the first day of the operation.  In Afghanistan is costs about $ 50-million dollars to kill each Taliban soldier.
We need to get our priorities straight. Education is cheaper in the long run than killing people. It also creates more prosperity, a better way of life and a happy productive work force that pays taxes.
We in California are braced for cuts in services and tax hikes.  Lets be prudent in our choices.  If it is cheaper to house and feed people than kill them, lets save money and lives. After all this is California, we're used to paying a little more to live here.  Lets do more living, less killing and save money at the same time.

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