Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charles Mountain Ranch, Phase 1 In Humboldt County. Ca. Gets $2.5 Million Dollar Grant

At its Feb. 24 meeting, the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) earmarked
$17.2 million to help restore and protect fish and wildlife habitat
throughout California. The 23 funded projects will provide benefits to
fish and wildlife species, including some endangered species, and
increase public access to these lands. The funding for these projects
comes from recent bond initiatives approved by the voters to help
preserve and protect California’s natural resources.

Charles Mountain Ranch, Phase I, Humboldt County. The WCB
approved a $2.5 million grant to the Northcoast Regional Land Trust to
acquire a conservation easement over 2,903 acres of land that will
conserve and protect an economically sustainable working forest, oak
woodlands, grasslands and critical habitat for native fish, wildlife and
plants located near the community of Blocksburg in southeastern Humboldt

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  1. Too bad they won't be stocked with fish...

  2. Rose, the state didn't say in the story who used to own it but the story is pretty clear that we now own it.

  3. That property remains in private ownership. The owners gave up all rights to subdivide, and provided more raparian protections.

  4. Tom, you might want to put down the Salmon and "whatever else you might be smokin'" for just a minute. Then again, you might want to fire up the barbie to smoke some of the Salmon they will be killin' when they wack it on our dime so that Tim and Jackie Pricer, and Dick Fearrien can become richer still. The owner will still own it and the timber will be bought by a timber company...eventually, in a severely depressed market. Everybody wins....except us dude. Peace.


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