Thursday, March 17, 2011

Did I mention that the NCAA March Madness is on am 1340?

Back to back coverage of the NCAA Basketball Playoffs will be on espn 1340 am in Eureka.  The station that supposedly had the contract dropped the ball so to speak.  I picked it up.  We on the north coast have been a bit on edge for the last week, and for good reason.  A little basket ball is a nice break for some to calm the nerves.


  1. You saved me today Tom!!! I had just come to terms with the reality that I was in for a couple of hours or Colin Cowherd when I heard your voice cut in to make the world right!

    I was not able to get home to see the games until the later afternoon!

    Thanks for the lift today

  2. Oh and congrats on your opening round win in the Humboldt Blogger's Tournament!

  3. Thanks. I need sleep but I have to stay in the top 10!


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