Friday, March 18, 2011

Do I Really Need Gas?

Do I Really Need Gas?
Since the earthquake in Japan, the gas and coal industry have been on the air waves pounding their message of clean, safe, local energy.  The natural gas industry has been the most prominent on the cable news channels providing coverage for the nuclear disaster going on there.  
Natural gas, by its self is pretty clean burning. Getting at the gas is another problem.  The practice of hydraulic fracturing or fracking is causing gas to mix into water aquifers according to people that live in the regions where fracking is being done.
It still sounds better than nuclear reactors but only because it only destroys drinking water.  Nuclear fallout can destroy entire ecosystems for decades killing every single thing in it's path.. 
Germany has shut 7 of their nuclear power plants since the disaster in Japan.  They have an abundance of solar, so much so that they had to stop the rebates and incentives because their aging electrical grid couldn't handle anymore.
Where is Nikola Tesla when you need him?  He was overshadowed by Thomas Edison.  Tesla had a science that was like a smart phone charging pad with no need for wires or a grid.  The biggest problem with Nikola Tesla's idea was that there was no meter involved to charge customers because the power was essentially free.
Instead, we  are lead to believe that because nuclear power is now seen as horrific, we should settle for tap water that lights on fire, more earthquakes, and pipe lines that may explode.
Just as we are seeing an urgent need for intelligent people to help solve our problems, our country is cutting education funding.  The Pentagon can't account for over two trillion dollars.  NPR costs a billion total. That is one thousandth of a trillion.  Why are we cutting that instead of finding the over two trillion dollars or two thousand billion dollars that those clowns somehow misplaced?


  1. What would 2.3 trillion dollars buy? Black ops and lots of underground bunkers? Seriously, that is a lot of money. Congress is piddling around with a billion here and 10 billion there and the Pentagon just looses 2.3 thousand billion dollars? Because of this, women and children get their food and medical cut? We can't have NPR? We have to break our contracts for retirement benefits but the banks don't have to have their mortgage contracts with us broken.

    We have to pay more taxes if we make less than such and such but if we are rich, we get a tax break.

    People that buy natural gas for the most part, have to. It is piped to their houses. The commercials are for the speculators that invest in things like coal and natural gas. They are to persuade the public to be behind the politicians when they want to frack your water supply. That won't be the only thing that gets fracked.

  2. Good points Tom.

    I love the last sentence...


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