Thursday, March 24, 2011

Down With The Dish, Down With The Dish!

High winds toppled a large satellite dish at the radio stations near Humboldt Hill last night.  Luckily there is a backup dish so no programming was interrupted.

Elsewhere in Humboldt, high winds and falling tree branches caused power outages this morning in Myrtletown, McKinleyville and Westhaven/Moonstone.



  1. A picture worth a hundred words. Don't mess with Mother Nature.

    By the way, congrats! Your blog rolls on, and now you will face Bob Huck's Sunny Side for a trip to the Final Four!!!

    He beat Kristabel and CCX

  2. I'm guessing that there was an upset and that last slam dish put me over just before the buzzer?

  3. I will have the results posted Friday night, you were too much down the stretch for Kym Kemp. It just was not her year.


  4. I didn't think I could keep up with Kym. I fixed some router problems that have given me a hard time for a few months. That may have made the difference, that and luck of the story.

    I can't imagine anyone harder to face than that Redheaded Blackbelt. Kym, you are one tough competitor. You have made me better and more prepared for what is to come. Thank you.


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