Friday, March 25, 2011

Elk River Flooding and Occasion Lake

The Elk River just south of Eureka is wandering all over the valley tonight as is the Little River near Moonstone.  I couldn't get a picture of Little River but you can see the Elk River encroaching on a barn and some other out buildings.
This is what I like to call Occasion Lake.  It is at north intersection of US 101 and Bayside Cutoff.  I call it that because it's only there on occasion.  When it is't pretending to be a lake, it is a cow pasture.
Photo taken at 50 miles per hour on US 101 looking north east toward Bayside and Jacoby Creek.


  1. The North Coast Journal has some good pictures from Arcata after a down pour I drove through late this morning.

  2. I should point out that in the first picture the straight channel in the middle lower part of the that goes up to a levy is not the river. The river flows to the right of the picture under US 101 for a few dozen yards into Humboldt Bay.


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