Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Federal Agency To Admit Marijuana Has Medical Benefits
This is a milestone and a first for a federal agency.  This by no means settles the dispute between the federal government that says medical marijuana is more dangerous than Heroin and Cocaine, and states that say it is medicine. 

The federal government is way off base here. We have all heard of, or  known someone that overdosed on Heroin and Cocaine.  It is not unusual for those overdoses to lead to death.  There just aren't any credible examples of people dieing from smoking too much pot.

The article says 1 in 8 prisoners in the U.S. are locked up due to a Marijuana related offense. 


  1. Thanks Tom. This is an interesting first step. Now if they'll just remove the Schedule 1 designation....

  2. Tom- it was pointed out to me that the first part of the Controlled Substances Act (section 801(1)) states: "Many of the drugs included within this subchapter have a useful and legitimate medical purpose and are necessary to maintain the health and general welfare of the American people." I think the Feds have known this for a long time...

  3. Thanks Scott. And Kym, I am with you on the Schedule 1 designation. Does anyone really think pot is more dangerous than coke or heroine?


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