Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Prepared For Fallout

I got a notice today that the order I made on Sunday for Potassium Iodide tablets can not be filled.  An email from the Amazon supplier said I could get a substitute that had the same effects.  I ordered tablets that contain 32.5 mg of Potassium Iodide.  The substitute tablet contains 99 Mg of Potassium, 5 mg Sodium and 225 mcg of Iodine.
I accepted the substitute as both pills are cheap.  It has been my experience that if you have gas in the generator, the lights stay on during a storm.  I hope to never use these but when it comes to something so cheap, better to be safe than sorry I say.
What say you?  Has anybody else taken any precautions in case things get worse in Japan?


  1. I just got done with dinner. I didn't get home until almost 11 pm due to O.T. at work. We were installing an uninterruptable power supply for the radio stations. We have one more to install to finish the job. The old one died after the January 2010 earthquake along with our generator. We got the generator fixed and now we have as much back up as we had before with more on the way when we install the other UPS.

    The folks I work for take this stuff very seriously. They want to be on the air after an earthquake when the power goes out.
    We are also in the process of adding a generator to one of our fm stations. That will come together when it stops raining for a few days so we can pour some concrete. When the stations were purchased about 14 years ago there was no such system so we have come a long way. We have 5 stations and if in a bad disaster we can keep at least one strong signal on the air to pass along information, we will have done our job. I should ad that our other two fm's have generators but we don't own the site as we share a tower with other broadcasters and have to rely on them to make sure that those two work.

  2. Here is the latest from Reuters:

  3. My pills via an Amazon seller have been listed as "shipping soon" since Sunday with delivery scheduled as early as today. Somehow, I think I'll be getting the same notice you received. I'll cancel my order though. It's BS to have an item listed as available for sale when it's sold out. There's no excuse for it given how modern inventory systems work.

    Step 1. Tell Amazon how many items you have available.

    Step 2. Amazon sells your items.

    Step 3. Amazon stops selling when your inventory is gone.

    What company was your order though? DSC?

  4. Several of the places said they were out on Sunday and I couldn't get my order to go through on Saturday. Internet problems.

  5. Maybe we should both just try another supplier and see what we get from our first orders. The stuff is not expensive.

  6. The bravery shown by the people trying to slow this disaster down is breath taking. Seeing Chinook helicopters dropping water on reactor 3 ( I think that's the one with the spent fuel that is possibly releasing plutonium) from a lens miles away was the most super hero event I think that I have ever seen in real life.

    Some of the people on the ground are giving their lives to remedy this. If you worship a god you should say a prayer for them. If you don't, you should think positive thoughts their way. They didn't cause this but are doing the best they can to remedy it.

    They are building a road to get fire trucks in and there is an electrical line going in and the people doing this work are in harms way.

  7. Brad Blog had some good coverage about the helicopters used on Wedensday.

  8. CNN reports that the Japanese Yen was worth the most against the US dollar that it's been in years on Wedensday, the day before the earthquake.

  9. Focus today seems to be on reactor #3 where CNN says there is plutonium involved. This is why there are such heroic efforts to drop water on it with helicopters. Potassium Iodide will not help with plutonium fallout.

  10. Water cannons usually used on protesters will now be used to spray water into the reactors.

  11. An email from my pill supplier:
    Dear customer,

    Thank you for the reply. We will ship the substitute product ASAP

    Thanks & Regards
    Team Herbspro

  12. Tom, most iodized table salt sold at the store is made with potassium iodide, so this is a source that many have in the house already. Just in case your tabs don't make it soon :)

  13. Large doses of iodine over a long period of time can be dangerous, so potassium iodide pills should be reserved for true emergencies. (So far, no one is recommending that anyone in the United States take them, although people are apparently stocking up.)

    Many varieties of table salt are “iodized,’ which means iodine has been added. But iodized table salt doesn’t contain enough of the mineral to saturate the thyroid gland and keep it from absorbing radioactive iodine.

  14. People are snatching up kelp and other sea plants in pill and powder form... completely unaware that iodine concentrations vary and they're probably getting a tiny dosage.

  15. In all the novels we read when we were younger, people just happened to HAVE geiger counters and iodine pills - come to find out we have nothing - as Tom says, we are completely unprepared for any disaster, really.

    Case in point here - no one really knows where to GET the pills - no one knows whether or not they should really take them - assuming it's all just hype, what effects might taking them prophylactically have on people with existing thyroid conditions, if any?

    Who's monitoring levels? HSU? Lawrence Livermore Labs?

    Who can you trust to give you real straight information - not hype? The 'global warming' hysteria has destroyed scientist's credibility, the news media has zero credibility and the White House press secretary is telling the reporters to ask their co-workers for answers because he doesn't have any.

  16. Rose asked who is monitoring levels:

    At home, the Environmental Protection Agency said it's adding seven monitors in Alaska, Hawaii and Guam to its RadNet radiation-tracking system, which operates about 100 air-sniffing stations nationwide. Putting in those extra stations "allows us to gather data from a position closer to Japan," EPA said in an online question-and-answer guide

  17. Darn it, Rose, I knew the salt thing was too simple :(

  18. Nuclear Energy Institute


    Radiation readings at the Fukushima Daiichi site boundary were measured today at a lower level, between 2 and 3 millirem per hour.


    Fukushima Daiichi
    The reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant are in stable condition and are being cooled with seawater, but workers at the plant continue efforts to add cooling water to fuel pools at reactors 3 and 4.

    The status of the reactors at the site is as follows:

    Reactor 1’s primary containment is believed to be intact and the reactor is in a stable condition. Seawater injection into the reactor is continuing.

  20. Reactor 2 is in stable condition with seawater injection continuing. The reactor’s primary containment may not have been breached, Tokyo Electric Power Co. and World Association of Nuclear Operators officials said on Thursday.

    Access problems at the site have delayed connection of a temporary cable to restore off-site electricity. The connection will provide power to the control rod drive pump, instrumentation, batteries and the control room. Power has not been available at the site since the earthquake on March 11.

  21. Reactor 3 is in stable condition with seawater injection continuing. The primary containment is believed to be intact. Pressure in the containment has fluctuated due to venting of the reactor containment structure.

    TEPCO officials say that although one side of the concrete wall of the reactor 4 fuel pool structure has collapsed, the steel liner of the pool remains intact, based on aerial photos of the reactor taken on March 17. The pool still has water providing some cooling for the fuel; however, helicopters dropped water on the reactor four times during the morning (Japan time) on March 17. Water also was sprayed at reactor 4 using high-pressure water cannons.

  22. Reactors 5 and 6 were both shut down before the quake occurred. Primary and secondary containments are intact at both reactors. Temperature instruments in the spent fuel pools at reactors 5 and 6 are operational, and temperatures are being maintained at about 62 degrees Celsius. TEPCO is continuing efforts to restore power at reactor 5.

    Fukushima Daini
    All four reactors at the Fukushima Daini plant have reached cold shutdown conditions with normal cooling being maintained using residual heat removal systems.

  23. Japan radiation fears spark panic salt-buying in China
    Long lines and mob scenes ensue at stores amid a clamor for iodized salt fueled by rumors of a radioactive cloud from Japan's quake-damaged nuclear plant and the belief that the salt would protect against radiation poisoning....

    People were under the false impression that consuming enough iodized salt would protect against radiation and that China's sea salt supplies would be contaminated as a result of the unfolding Japanese crisis.

    That sparked long lines and mob scenes in major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou....
    Japan radiation fears spark panic salt-buying in China

    Seriously, guys, fear is doing damage to people's psyches.

  24. Thank you Rose for the updates. I have been busy during the day all week. It's all I can do to get afternoon news on the air.

    That almost sounds like good news about reactor # 3 since it is the one with plutonium.

    Thanks again.

  25. They are currently using 7 water trucks to pour water on reactor 3.

  26. Something to look into - all I have is a few notes - do some googling for these studies:

    This morning's discussion on iodine pills - essentially, Dr. Ronald Hoffman expressed his disgust with Americans wanting pills for themselves when there is virtually no risk here, and said we should instead be sending pills to Japan where they may be needed.

    Talked about what the iodine pills to (fill the thyroid to help prevent it from uptaking radioactive iodine to help prevent cancer of the thyroid) but that there are many other cancers that it will not help with anyway... the real danger comes from eating contaminated food and that is where the focus should be...

    I tried to take notes, and thought he had a podcast - but can't find it, so my notes are not as good as they should be.

    He went on to talk about studies on radiation, and various vitamins that have been found to have mitigating effects - as many patients DO get substantial doses of radiation with all the various tests they undergo, from mammograms to radiation therapy, to CAT scans...

    Among these studies:
    ◼ Vitamin D has been found to be helpful...
    ◼ Resveratrol chemicals/molecule may help protect DNA from damage, may help against radiation exposure, has protective effects - so he said, when the Russians told the people around Chernobyl to drink more, they may b=have been more right than they knew.
    ◼ Green Tea, and
    ◼ something called IP6 saving healthy cells and helping kill bad cells...

    They find that these things help kill cancer cells more effectively and mitigate the negative effects of radiation treatments...

  27. Found a podcast - i think it is in there -

    Health Talk with Dr. Ronald Hoffman-March 18,2011

  28. This might be the right one:

    Dr. Hoffman discusses the courageous Japanese workers who are currently in the faltering nuclear plants trying to keep down radiation levels. Listen in to hear what supplements and vitamins the Doctor thinks they and you should be taking if you will be ex


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