Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Radiation Pouring Into The Ocean, Controlling Leakage Could Take Weeks Or Months

(Reuters) - Japan said there was no end in sight to the crisis at its earthquake-wrecked nuclear power plant on Wednesday as a spike in radioactive iodine levels in seawater added to evidence of reactor leakages around the complex and beyond.

Current background radiation levels in the US are close to normal but the event that is causing this is far from over.  When Plutonium flows into the ocean with no end in sight, things aren't good or even ok.  This story will be not be going away for a very long time.  We won't even be able to assess the damage until the plants are sealed and under control.  


  1. Sorry to go off thread here Tom but I thought you may be interested in checking my blog out right now as I have info on the massive landslide that happened about 45 minutes ago on hwy 101

  2. Thanks Dave. I was getting my taxes done this morning but heard Rollin on KGOE doing a road closure notice.

  3. They say they might have it open to one way controlled traffic in about 2 to 3 days if weather holds.


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