Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sacramento Kings To Move To Anaheim?

The city of Anaheim Ca. wants the Sacramento Kings basketball team to relocate to their town.  They are even throwing in 75-million dollars to make it happen.  The city doesn't have the money and will have to borrow it and pay interest.  This is what corporate welfare looks like.

It's not like they want the team to fill a city owned arena, they want them to play at the Honda Center, which is privately owned.

More at USA Today


  1. Our 50+ year old schools are fine, but a 26-year-old arena is "aging"? This says something about our priorities.

  2. Here is the short answer: The Maloofs, who own the Kings, are taking it in the shorts in their other businesses, and want to get a new Arena from Sacramento. The theory being a new venue would increase revenues for the team, or the brothers that own the team. Of course they want the city to finance the deal. No dice from Sacto., so now Anaheim is going to give them millions to move!

    It is probably a done deal

    Anyway, another round of Congratulations! Your Blog won the Richardson Grove Region, and you will be in the Final Four!!!!

    I will post the official results Monday...

  3. Final Four? I have to get in shape.

  4. I don’t see how it makes sense for the Kings to relocate to Anaheim. Adding a third NBA team to the Los Angeles area would make it difficult for them to build a loyal fan base. A better move would be to Kansas City, where they could play in the three year-old Sprint Center. That arena is looking for an NBA or NHL tenant, so it seems like a good fit.


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