Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunny Brae Middle Students Walk In Protest Of War

Billy Askew

Twenty five Sunny Brae Middle School students walked out of class
today to demonstrate their opposition to war and to the Navy’s
proposed weapons testing in the Pacific off the North Coast. At least
one student also voiced solidarity with the Union organizers in
Wisconsin. Today’s rally coincided with the anniversary of the
invasion of Iraq and was part of a nation-wide day of action against
war.  At two o’clock students emerged from their classrooms and
gathered in the eighth grade basketball courts. One rally participant
said that they chose this location, which was on school grounds, to
prevent being mispercieved as just an excuse to cut class.
Participants also said that the rally would have been larger but some
students were kept from participating by teachers who prevented them
from leaving class.  Although they did not participate, other students
and even staff showed solidarity and support for the rally.

The demonstrators held signs that read “No More War” and “Stop the War
on our Oceans”.
The students chanted “enough is enough” and sang songs including “All
you need is love”.
Billy Askew, one of the participants in the rally said “It is
especially important for us as students to exercise our First
Amendment rights and to stand up against the use of weapons to solve
our problems.”

The walkout and rally eventually ended peacefully. Seven students were
told that they might be receiving a detention or a referral for their
participation within the next week.


  1. Why couldn't they protest war after school? Oh, right, maybe the point was to get out of school early.

  2. After school they like to play video games where they shoot each other just like in war.


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