Thursday, March 3, 2011

The ugly face of Islamophobia in Orange County, California

I am so glad I left O.C.  Racisism is still alive and well there.  I like how the O.C. Register said that by the afternoon it was like a July 4th celebration.  (in the south maybe)
Here is more from the Guardian.UK


  1. scary... and embarrassing. Our poor country must find a way to overcome such ignorance. I know a little about what it's like to be forever an outsider... short, brown skinned and female with children in Humboldt. I've lived here twenty-three years, and yet each year there are new people to the area, along with locals that send me "home," or snarl at my "anchor baby." I'm Puerto Rican but the ignorant do not know the history of our nation. I've been asked for my green card by lawyers. Once, at a NOW meeting in Sacramento, a white woman asked me if I knew anyone who cleaned houses, or maybe I would be interested myself. I have not had to endure anything as scary and persistent as what is shown in this video, yet. Thanks for this post... you are a good man.

  2. It's just disgusting! I can't believe there weren't a hundred people shouting those racists down. I guess those in Yorba Linda mostly agree with them. What is to make me believe otherwise?

  3. There were more than 1000 who were not happy about the party crashers. CAIR showed BOTH groups as if they were ONE. The NOCCC got the ball rolling on the protest and the ones shouting to the Muslims entering the building were not part of NOCCC. I have heard speculation that they were from the American Independent Party but I don't know that to be a fact.
    What the video does not show is who the keynote speakers are and the organizations they represent. The two speakers are outspoken advocates and supporters of Islamic terrorism and sharia law.


  5. And the discussion (and controversy) continue. Here is a letter to the editor of the OC Register which reflects what I saw and the details I know about regarding the event depicted in the CAIR video.


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