Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin Senate strips state workers of bargaining rights

Bypassing Senate Democrats who fled the state, Republican senators in Wisconsin managed to pass legislation Wednesday to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights.


  1. Democrats say they violated the open meeting law that requires 24 hours notice.

    What republicans in Wisconsin did is form a committee and broke the old bill in to two pieces. Without money being involved in the new bill, republicans were able to pass the new bill without a single democrat.

    The mostly republican house will vote on it tomorrow.

  2. It's not exactly accurate to say they stripped bargaining rights. The right to bargain still exists for PAY, but not for benefits.

    Think about it - you can bargain for the things that are controllable, wages, unlike health insurance and workers comp (for example) aren't going to double or triple outside of your control.

    That's really the issue. It's madness to agree to something that you think is going to cost you $1,000 a month, but can become $3,000 a month or more... you own a business, you can see this if you stop to think, rather than react.

    C;mon, Tom, it wasn't that long ago that the idea of public employees having a Union was unheard of, and the world did not end.

  3. ...and the rich get richer...

  4. Rose you are misleading.

    The measure approved Wednesday forbids most government workers from collectively bargaining for wage increases beyond the rate of inflation. It also requires public workers to pay more toward their pensions and double their health insurance contribution, a combination equivalent to an 8 percent pay cut for the average worker.

    Police and firefighters are exempt.

    If their wages are tied to inflation, there is no right to bargain.

  5. Tom has it right. I've read several lengthy articles last night and this morning on the subject.

    That's why I decided to blog on it myself this morning.

  6. " wasn't that long ago that the idea of public employees having a Union was unheard of, and the world did not end."

    What's your point, Rose? It wasn't that long ago that the idea of child labor was acceptable, and the world did not end.

  7. I think this is it. Either Democrats and independents get together and fight for the working class or we hand the country to the corporations. Has anyone been following what is going on in Michigan?

    Michigan Republicans seek power to dis-incorporate whole cities, dismiss elected officials.


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