Sunday, April 3, 2011

And Then There Were Two: 2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Championship Match

Planet Tapperass does a local Bloggers Tournament that started sometime after the very last blogger picnic. The picnic hasn't been held for three years as I recall. 
They pick 64 local blogs just like the NCAA has a bracket with 64 teams.  They square off and end up with two.  That is where we are today.  Two blogs.  This one against Tad at The Plazoid
I don't know how this thing works.  There were some blogs that I thought were better than mine that got eliminated before I ever had to face them. I do know that come Monday night, either Tad at the Plazoid or I will be crowned Champion!
I'm up against some tough competition because Tad is employing an unusual strategy.  He refuses to post. 


  1. As soon as the tournament is over I will post the method I used to pick winners. I will give you a hint Tom: Root for the Huskies tomorrow night.

  2. Don't know where Tad went. Oh the horror. The humanity of it all. Life isn't fair.

  3. skippy says Tad says or might've said, too,

    "Go Huskies!"

    Heavens to Betsy. This is so patently unfair...
    What next? Spin some pirouettes and say a few Hail Mary's?

    Cheeky monkey and Sweet Jesus. Where are you, Tad?


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