Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Arcata Police Spread Fertilizer On 420 Celebration

In an effort to keep crowds of pot smokers from trampling the green green grass of Arcata on 4-20, the local police department spread cow s*it on the green fields of Redwood Park in Arcata Ca.
This, some rain  and media reports that the cops were in a crappy mood to deal with 4-20 revelers shut down the usual crowd of partiers in Redwood Park in Arcata on this 4-20 in Humboldt.
See North Coast Journal for more.


  1. Gotta hand it to the cops... A creative way that didn't end with someone getting arrested or clubbed...

  2. I found this amusing...only because I went to high school with Tom Chapman. It totally sounds like a prank he would've pulled then.

  3. Funny, I tramped all over the park that day and didn't detect one iota of feces. Other than what wore APD uniforms, that is. Someone tried to stop me from walking across the bog that is the grassy area, saying it was full of fish fertilizer. Didn't smell like fish at all. If it was horrible to walk in then why were the cops walking through it more than the citizens?
    This was only part of the lies APD told all day that day. They can't close the park so they act like children, throwing a temper tantrum. It's quite sad to see adults behaving like that...

  4. hahah one question.Did the plan managed to work? did they still went for the weed even though it had cow dung all over it XD?

  5. so is there something going on in 2012

  6. thanks for sharing.


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