Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beware Of Bogus Counters

Take a look at the hit counter to the lower left above my favorite blogs and places.
Below is a screen shot of my blog stats.  Notice that there have been over 49-thousand  page views all time history. The counter is running backwards. 


  1. I just refreshed and it shows a gain of 1 so it is now going in the right direction. It did this once before just before Thanksgiving. I lost 10 thousand hits. This time it looks like I lost about 85 hundred hits.

    Anyone know of a good counter widget that knows how to count?

  2. Try

  3. Tom, stop using the stat counters. They only serve to grandstand what you already know: you get a lot of hits.

    If you want to get details, use Blogger's Stats page or use Google Analytics. Both work well, are free, and not easily hacked.


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