Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crosby And Nash In Arcata

David Crosby and Graham Nash have been harmonizing ever since Crosby, Stills & Nash formed in 1968. In addition to making music with CSN and CSN&Y, an ongoing element of their collaboration is recording and performing as a duo. That two-man configuration is celebrated this spring with both a nationwide tour kicking off March 25, and the launch of Crosby and Nash’s new independent label – Blue Castle Records, distributed by ADA and ADA Global – with digital and vinyl versions of Another Stoney Evening as inaugural releases on March 22.
  • The two-month long Crosby/Nash tour itinerary begins with more than a week of shows in California before leaving the west coast for dates across the country. Crosby and Nash will be accompanied on the road by an ace-backing band featuring James Raymond (keyboards), Dean Parks (guitar), Kevin McCormick (bass), and Steve DiStanislao (drums).
I got to see their sold out performance last night at HSU's Van Duzer Theatre.  They haven't lost a thing over the years.  With a tight band James is David Crosby's son and is the R in the band CPR. Dean played with Steely Dan, Kevin played bass for Jackson Brown and Steve drummed for Pink Floyd. 
David Crosby hasn't lost his interest in peace and politics.  There were several new tunes along that vein and many remarks about being free and rising up.  The song "Don't Dig Here" was about a sign that should be placed on the top of Yucca Mountain to warn people in 10-thousand years, not to dig there.  They opened with "Eight Miles High" Crosby was in the Birds and contributed a line to the song back in the day.  Before Graham Nash played "Our House" they talked about a study that had been done at HSU that told of the large percentage of babies conceived to the song between 1969 and 1972   Something like over 36 percent.
My friend that hooked me up with the tickets, David Bender even got us back stage afterward to meet the band.  It was a magical night getting to meet two of my favorite song writers. 


  1. I have met some pretty cool people especially musicians. They didn't have the influence on me like these guys did. I told Crosby that he was one of the main reasons I turned out to be a peace loving lefty. They were nice to us even though we invaded their space back stage. Sometimes you think people are great until you meet them. These guys didn't let me down.


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