Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did I Give False Information On The Air?

I do a weekly feature for the Arcata Eye on 1480 AM in Eureka.  It is a 90 second rundown of the headlines and stories of the Arcata Eye and it is for trade as they run an ad for the radio station.
We have been doing this for years and I don't even get a free paper.

Last week I did a headline about local activist Jason Robo of "Unstacking The Deck", calling the cops on himself or for some unknown reason. 

Robo says the paper had it wrong.  I got my info from the Eye.
Here's what he said:
By: Jason Robo
A recent article entitled “Robo Arrested On Concealed Weapon Charge” carries on the tradition of The Arcata Eye’s sad excuse for “news” coverage, this time regarding my recent arrest at HSU. The article is rife with downright lies and half-truths as can be seen by comparing it with the police report and my narrative found in my recent article “Robo’s arrest for calling 9-1-1 to report danger to others: Police Report & Rebuttal.”
This blatant propaganda by the Arcata LEye is an apparent attempt to capitalize on the sensationalist headline and false claims using my name to achieve sales. Four days of attempts to refute the article via comments on the site were unsuccessful. The false reports have been circulating on the radio in the area.
Kevin Hoover, editor and owner of the Arcata Eye, says a tip, from a source which he will not disclose, let him know I was arrested. Hoover, who wrote the article, had only one source in the article, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Brenda Godsey. The quality of the information presented by Hoover is rotten at best and though I was out of jail by the time he went to print, there was no attempt to contact me. He has refused to issue corrections in the newest edition which hits the stands today.
Read the rest here at his website http://unstackingthedeck.com/?p=329#more-329


  1. In summary, the Eye was wrong, but let's not actually disclose any of the specific information we allege was factually incorrect. This is consistent behavior with everyone who criticizes the Eye's reporting... big on hurt feelings and allegations of wrongdoing, sparse on specifics of the Eye's wrongdoing that can be inspected by an objective third-party and weighed for its BS quotient.

  2. OK, I read the guy's blog entry, sorry, news report since he fancies himself a journalist and made a press pass for his blog. Or, confusingly, his own blog described himself as a "hyper-activist and scholarly revolutionary" -- not a journalist. Go figure.

    This guy isn't doing himself any favors. Wow. Just wow. He's lost it. I wish I had cable to see his little show. It must be very entertaining.


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