Saturday, April 9, 2011

Do You Qualify For The PG&E Care Program?

If your PG&E bills are out of control, you need to look into the Care Program for people with limited incomes.  You may think that you make too much money to qualify for a discount on your bill but think again.  I looked into it and found that even I, a single adult white male with no dependents qualified for the discount. 

 Since my smart meter was installed my bill has dropped from about 65 dollars a month to  about half of that, I'm  not home using electricity during peak hours.  I don't have PG&E gas because it is not available where I live.  Just after the smart meter was installed, my application for the Care Program kicked in and my bill last month was less than 21 dollars. 

I manage the operations of 5 radio stations and have other duties so if I qualify, you should see if you might also.  The standards are set for the average Californian not the Humboldt County work force. You might qualify but here is a tip,  If you are salaried and have no dependents, you won't make the cut,

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