Sunday, April 10, 2011

Horseback Riding On The Beach And A Bird Of Prey

Rain is expected tonight but today was nice enough to go outside.
It was a bit cold today but that didn't stop people from going to the beach. There were many surfers early this afternoon but these two pictures said it all. 
In the one shot there is a bird in the lower center of the picture turning gliding in front of the trees.
 I wasn't aware that I caught the bird in the mid flight until I put the pictures up on my computer.  That was a little bonus surprise.  The water was an interesting shade of blue green today.


  1. Were you at Clam Beach this morning? Did you snap this picture. My friend and I walked passed these two horseback riders on our walk.

  2. Sal, just after noon I shot that from Moonstone Beach looking across the Little River at Little River State Beach which just happens to be next to and north of Clam Beach. I think that's twice when you and I were basically on the same beach within the same hour recently.

  3. Really very nice pic. The flying bird is looking cool.
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  4. That's why you live in were waiting for a day like this to come around ...... wow..or ....maybe that's what it looks like from the perspective of someone from the south?


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