Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Sure Hope The Old Man Got That Tractor Beam Out If Commission Or This Is Going To Be A Real Short Trip!

The Sun came out so dad walked out into the lawn and didn't get water on his shoes and headed for the tractor barn. Craftsman should make a small tow behind bail making machine so that we could store up the bails and  feed this to our critters or lay it under the strawberries at a later time. I'm talking micro bails of grass that would fit nicely in the back of a Subaru.
It's the Spring cut and the second one of the year.  The grass is about 6 inches tall in places and would still make nice bails.  I know there are some that would say, just go and rake it up after you mow. That would require human labor and that is  frowned upon these days.  Craftsman should just make an attachment that makes small bails for 1 to 3 acre lawns.  In our case it is not really a lawn.  We just mow the weeds and it looks like a lawn.  This keeps the blackberries from taking over and looks nice but is really a waste of time and energy as far as sustainable farming or good land use goes. 

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