Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'd Rather Be A Poor Man In A Rich Country Than A Rich Man In A Poor Country

Thom Hartmann was talking about an interview a reporter did with a German man.  The reporter asked the guy how much he paid in taxes.  The man ignored him and continued answering an earlier question about the quality of life in Germany.  The reporter asked again, and the man brushed him off and continued on about the benefits of living in Germany.
Finally, the reporter asked a third time, "how much of your income do you pay in taxes?"  The man looked at him and said about 62 percent of my gross.  The reporter said, how can you put up with paying that much in taxes and the man replied,"I'd rather be a poor man in a rich country than a rich man in a poor country.

The budget proposed by the House Budget Committee Chairman, Paul Ryan (R) would create a country of surfs and rich people.  There is no room in the budget for children, the elderly and disabled. There is no investment in our future.  This is as good as it gets.  Ryan wants to change this and balance the budget by cutting taxes on corporations and rich people and raise them on the poor and working class. Food stamps will be cut, Medicaid would be privatized which would actually cost more money than the current system.  Medicaid is so efficient and cheap that some doctors won't even take patients with Medicaid because they say the payments they get are too low.  Add 20 percent to what ever Medicaid costs and you can see the lack of savings in the republican proposal.

Other Republicans want to shut down the government.  This makes sense because they don't like the government.  They say government doesn't work and they will prove it. Anybody that has ever tried to get information on their home loan, or has called the phone company or the cable company can see just how much better the private sector is at customer service. This is the model they put forth, privatization of our schools, roads, water and sewer systems, our parks, rivers and lakes, our military, police and firefighters.  To slap us poor surfs serfs in the face they are taking away collective bargaining for workers.
Imagine what this country will look like in 10 years when there are only poor and rich. Those with money will have to trade in their Lexus or BMW for something less flashy.  If not, they stand to be targets of roving mobs of people with no decent jobs that have nothing better to do than go after them with rocks and Molotov cocktails.  Imagine their pretty gated communities with hordes of beggars at the gates looking for hand outs or a scrap of food every time they come and go.  Many of the beggars will be sick due to lack of proper sanitation and health care.  This will spread disease that will eventually start to sicken even those with money.
Imagine 80 percent of the population so broke that the have no tax money to contribute.  Who then will pay for the military, police, courts, sanitation and other things the rich take for granted?  The bill will be all theirs.  They don't want to share now, we won't have the ability to share then.  They don't care.  If it gets bad enough, they will take their money and move to a nice island or somewhere that isn't sick and poor.  After all, who wants to be a rich person in a poor country?


  1. You are absolutely right, though you misspelled serfs.

    The obscenely rich have forgotten the concept of Noblesse Oblige, and don't realize that it is they that have the most to gain in a strong, stable society.

  2. There needs to be a balance and 62% in taxes tips the scale the wrong way.

  3. 62 percent includes medical,retirement and everything it takes to run the country, high speed trains etc. Some people in this country spend more than 62 percent on medical alone.

  4. I agree with you Tom.

    Now I'm going to break thread and ask you if you heard anything about a bust in Trinidad where two "live" pipe bombs were found in someone's residence????

  5. My dad says there were many Sheriff cars in town just after noon.

  6. Back to the game at hand. The Republicans want to shut down the government. The government as we know it. Not the Military, the wars or Homeland Security but the stuff that actually builds and grows a country.

    The banksters keep cashing in their junk bonds or securitized mortgages and hedge funds while at the same time are being bailed out by the US tax payers to the tune of trillions of dollars. The taxes will go up on us but will be lowered for the rich and corporations. Our country is being stolen from us.

  7. Does anyone know how/where to get the original interview with the German businessman? I have been looking all over but so far no luck. I'm starting to think the story is apocryphal.

  8. Thom Hartmann still brings this up during his daily radio show. He talked about it a couple of weeks ago.

  9. How prescient you are, Tom! The inexorable rise of the autocratic, reactionary elites continues apace with the election and reign of "the man who would be king": Herr Twitler, Steve "Goebbels" Bannon (symbolically sidelined; not silenced) and his Alt-Right ship of rapacious, fascist fools...!


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