Friday, April 22, 2011

K9-Angels To Deputy DA, "a little case of mange?"

 Dear friends, the following is my reply to Deputy
               District Attorney, Ben Mainzer: It is self-explanatory
               but is indicative of how low the DA's office sets the
               bar for animal cruelty cases: A mockery has been made
               of Fortuna Animal Control's investigation and 6 months
               of dedication to a grossly neglected dog whose health
               has been restored by way of ongoing veterinary care:
               (please see attached pics of Mac the day he was seized
               by Robin Paul - Fortuna Police Department's office
               supervisor and director of animal control: Mac was
               court-ordered to be returned to his abuser yesterday!
                Gail Holder/K9-Angels

Sent: Wed, April 20, 2011 2:19:40 PM

    Mr. Mainzer: I am among the many persons and animal-rescue groups who were denied the right to present evidence against Mark Crummett in the jury trial slated for today, Wednesday, April 20,2011 - but cancelled leaving Mac, Crummett's victimized dog without justice: Pursuant to Fortuna Animal Control's lawful seizure of Mac under PC 597.f and 597.1 last October - two veterinarians were prepared to testify that had Robin Paul not removed the long-suffering animal and transported him to emergency-veterinary care (followed by many months of follow-up treatment) the dog would have died:
Mr. Crummett's failure to address Mac's severe demodectic-mange is affirmed by veterinary-experts to be the cause of Mac's requirement for costly, lifelong treatment. The unemployed and allegedly alcohol-impaired, Mr. Crummett - lives in squalor in a trailer-park well-known to Fortuna Law Enforcement and citizens alike - as a 'third world country' in miniature, inhabited exclusively by the 'criminal-element' along with the innocent children and animals unfortunately forced to live there:
   In a fell-swoop, the DA's cost-effective and clever legal-maneuvers in conjunction with an equally apparently uncaring judge - have, with flagrant disregard for the predictable consequences for the dog - sent poor Mack back to hell:  Elevating the perpetrator of criminal animal neglect to victory - disregarding veterinary recommendations and undermining Robin Paul's praiseworthy professional decisions on behalf of an imperilled animal in
Fortuna's jurisdiction - and in 'sentencing' a dog to further abuse - you have failed us all! I understand that you, Mr. Mainzer, likened the returning of Mac to his owner to "reuniting a child with his parents."  How little you must understand about family law and custody issues; because had you the courage to yourself accompany Robin Paul to the 'dwelling' from which he was
rescued last October - you would have grabbed the child by the hand or the dog by the leash and run!  I doubt the conditions imposed upon Mr. Crummett are going to make much difference to Mac's fate although, respectfully Sir, I'm sure they serve to assuage your conscience: I attach two photos of Mac from the emergency vet's office last October: This horror is what Mr. Crummett characterized as a "little case of mange!" What a shameful representation of Humboldt County justice! Know that the watchful-eyes af the vast network of North Coast animal-advocacy groups ... are watching.
 Gail Holder   K9-Angels


  1. There was a reason the animal folks didn't support Gallegos and this is just one horrible example. Thanks for posting this atrocity.

  2. Child killers get off pretty easy in my opinion, too.

  3. Child killers? You must be basing that on somethng so tell more.

  4. Remember the arseholes racing on 299? One hit a minivan and killed a twin girl.

  5. no what mac was fine with his mange. we were treating him with home remedies and he had a vet app the following monday. I think fortuna pd should of kept their noses out of our lifes. We have another dog and fortuna pd loves her and if we were killers then all of our dogs would b dead. As for my daughter she never should been brought up in this case. I think who ever wrote this needs to get there facts straight. We do not live in a third world thats like calling neighberhoods countries. So if u people want to say something then get ur facts straight b4 u open ur mouth about our situation.

  6. hey take your eye's off the's not his fault that the animal control officer's went to the home of mac. and seen his condition, an just went into the trailer and took mac. in my opinion> the officers went in with out probable. 1.) no adult at home 2.) they didnt ask if MR. Crummett had any med's for MAC. 3) that is called illegal entry, because there was a minor CHILD present. that stated that her father was next door visiting a friend. why didnt the animal control go next door and see mr. crummett??? because ??? Im waiting??? i also I want say somthing about the D.A. an his ability to try the case about mac. its not his fault the case was over turned BY the JUDGE BECAUSE THE (OFFICER ON CHAEGE) OF THIS CASE DID EVERYTHING ILLEGALY, AN THE JUDGE HAD NO OTHER RECOURSE TO GIVE MR.MARK crummett his dog back!!!yes mac was BAD sick but did they ask mr. Crummett if he had anything for this dogs illness NO!!! WAS THERE AN adult ther when they took the animal NO!!! DID they know where macs owner was YES!!! did they go talk to MR. Crummett about mac? NO!!! they illegaly went in an took the dog!!! so if your gonna point your finger and blame some body for the return of MAC. BLAME THE ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER IN CHARGE!!! the D.A. went to court with nothing an was made to look like a FOOL!!! so before you go pointing your finger at the D.A. or the JUDGE get your FACTS strait!!! as for the trailer park being a third world country, or that the people there are living in squalor HOW DARE YOU!!! I know some of the people that live there an their home's are very clean on the inside their children go to school WITH CLEAN CLOTHE'S !!! they may live in what you all call squallor or a third world county, BUT let me ask a question of my own!!! most of them live on FIXED INCOME and can't afford to rent an apt. or house, would you rather they live on the river bar??? I think I will start MY OWN BLOG.( I wonder how many supporter's I will get ? (as far as calling them people third world sqaulor I wonder what the AMEICAN DIABILITIES ACT WOULD SAY IF THEY READ WHAT ( the K-9 ANGELS ) SAID ABOUT The Disabled Americans and Their Dogs That live in that trailor park? I THINK I WILL CALL THEM RIGHT NOW AND FIND OUT!!! YOU CAN LOOK ME UP ON MY BLOG

  7. As painful as it is to see those pictures there is really no good answer to the problem. We cannot legislate and enforce our way out. You could try to provide free on site care for such an animal but the government does not have the resources to pay for it.

  8. Ms. Holder,

    As I explained to you previously, I understand your frustration. I’ve prosecuted animal abuse cases before and have taken one such case through jury trial and to verdict. I obtained a guilty verdict on all counts in that case.

    The reunification plan Mr. Crummett will need to comply with is extremely rigorous. It sets EXTREMELY clear standards of care—including veterinary care—for Mac. It states that Mac must have a fenced yard which is something he did not before have. It also sets up a schedule of inspections to verify that Mac is being treated properly. If Mac is not being treated properly, Mac can be seized. In the event of such a violation, Mr. Crummett will be brought back before the court and he will face additional consequences to be imposed by the court. Moreover, as an additional term of the agreement, if at any time Mr. Crummett is unable to care for Mac, he is obligated to report that to law enforcement. If he does not, he is also in violation of the terms of the agreement and can face additional consequences

    I’ve clearly informed Mr. Crummett through his attorney about the high cost of continued care of this dog. I told him in no uncertain terms that by taking the dog back, he understands that he is undertaking a significant financial burden that he cannot ignore.

    I hope this explanation assuages at least some of your concerns.


    Ben Mainzer

    Deputy District Attorney

  9. thank you for this updatye on MAC and his return to MR.crummett< now evrybody that was saying you gave an animal abuser back his dog an not looking into it with more indepth. can EAT CROW i beleive th d.a. did his job to the best of his ability an not waist more TAX payers MONEY... as he said mr. crummett has his work cut out for him. this comment is writen by one of the low life (third world waller people) yes some of us do own a computer ;)

  10. Thank you Ben for clarifying this.

  11. to gail holder and those who dont have clear vision to see the fine details of the real story: while mac was in a bad way he was being treated as best possible and did have a vet appt. the next monday. i myself have seen mac when he came home and was brought home with badly infected paws from what is usually called "kennel rot".
    I have spoken to gail about possible assistance for my dog, who i consider my child. after some lecture about how important a vet visit was (why do you think I was asking for help in the first place) she informed me I should "seriously consider giving up" my dog because pet ownership is "a financial commitment NOT a love commitment."
    To this statement i say BULLS#!t. who are you to say im not allowed a pet just because i fell on some hard times and reached out for assistance.
    and as for calling the people in this trailer park third world, I am highly offended as are many other families here. How dare you pass judgement just because we have only this. possessions and money DO NOT make a person more valuable than any other. You had best tuck that tail between your legs and go hide in a hole somewhere.

  12. Wow Gail. That was a grossly judgmental and heinous comment you made about the Trailer Park and the people that live there. You should be ashamed of the way you speak of a place and people you obviously know nothing about. You're angry at the D.A. so leave all the innocent people out of it. Better yet, keep your poisonous words to yourself and save your vicious attitude for the people actually responsible of neglecting/abusing animals. I love animals but I also have love for my fellow man.
    p.s. That dog has a full, healthy coat now.

  13. Screw an appointment take the dog to a hospital, no way BOWSER would EVER get that bad, I would spend every penny I had to get him well, that is sad.... the poor dog should had been taken somewhere else to live not back to the same place that neglected him to begin with! she was not putting down people in there she was putting the owners down who own that place! I as well feel bad for the kids who have to live there, I have lived in fortuna and eureka for 29 years and know that place is filled with nothing but drugs! And sad thing is people who are clean that live there cant go anywhere else because they cant afford it so that is what she met by that.......I feel bad for the good people & kids who have to live there to! Why don't you!

  14. One more thing I want to add people should be thanking GAIL for her help she provides people, not coming on here putting her down or telling her off you should thank her and those who got mac well!


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