Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Local Radio Station Transmitter Site Vandalized

Some artists painted the back side of the radio station building at South G Street in Arcata sometime  over the weekend.  The building is just a transmitter site and all functions are now performed in a Eureka location except for the transmission of the signal and the antenna which still reside in Arcata.  While this is actually vandalism, the painting job isn't all that bad.  I am not a fan of the colors but the building did need some paint. 
 If those involved would like to apply for a job painting the wall with our logo or call letters,  please send a resume to Painter at 5640 South Broadway Eureka 95503.   This is not a sting operation, you guys did a good job and didn't leave anything for us to clean up. If you are really that talented, we have three more walls that could use some paint.  Give us an estimate. 
Keep it real as you did the last one for free.  Still you have done better than some painters I have seen.


  1. Tom you Rock.....looking at the "Positive" of the paint job....and what an awesome way to get the Radio Stations Logo's and Call letters out there.. I totally think your on to something....I hope they get a hold of you....Good Looking out for that local talent Brother....Chicken

  2. A great example of street art, which is all the rage throughout Europe and cities like Los Angeles. I'm serious.

    There's some talented artists out there who started out being "vandals" and who are now world acclaimed "street artists."
    Not just walls either. I've seen some really stunning sidewalk art too.

    I like the way you handled this situation, but I don't think your headline reflects it. I expected to hear a rant about some nuts painting a private building with gang signs!

    How about, "Radio station building paint job underway" ???

  3. Here you go Tom - check this out

  4. That link is great. Everyone that likes art should have a look. Thanks Dave.

  5. I think we already have a bid on this.

    This could turn out to be cool for all involved. The building needed love. We cut down all the overgrown vegetation around it and now it is so visible that the paint has come into question. Stay tuned.

  6. This is really got picture a radio station inside a farm.

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