Sunday, April 17, 2011

Takin' It To The Streets

Photo from North Coast Journal

Protests are planned for Caltrans District One Headquarters at Noon Monday, April 18th..  The Save Richardson Grove folks are planning a bike ride from the Arcata Plaza that leaves at 10:00 am.  They are protesting Caltrans plans to widen the US 101 through Richardson Grove. 

The last protest got a bit out of hand when one of the protesters threw a plastic coffee cup into a crowded room of cops as he and other protesters were being pushed out of the building. The cops have pictures and are looking for you.  You might want to take tomorrow off.

Update: Richardson Grove Project on hold until July or August.

Also, is sponsoring a protest of Bank of America at 4th. and F Street in Eureka on Monday at 4:30 pm. They
are protesting B of A for not paying taxes like the rest of us do. 
Will there be any coffee mug throwing  at this event?
Does anybody that reads this blog like B of A?


  1. Jeff Muskrat says:
    Federal case against Caltrans is awarded injunction until July 2011 in which project bidding may commence unless Caltrans is found to have violated environmental regulations. Which they have, in the Richardson Grove "Improvement" Project(RIP) Environmental Impact Report(EIR).

    Bidding for the RIP cannot commence until July 2011 and any type of road work, vegetation removal, etc. for the RIP until after 30 days after the project goes to bid.

    Many thanks to EPIC, CATS and The Center for Biological Diversity for their hard work on this very important matter. Please help support the Federal case against Caltrans by donating to these well respected non-profit environmental organizations.

    It is very important to continue to put pressure on Caltrans with direct action to stop this project...

  2. it's about the money with Jeff and NOTHING more......

  3. Bullshit, brian. Moreso, Caltrans hires people to do their bidding. Imagine if they were hired to do something else? No money coming in for that...

    Thank the trees for the air you breath, moron.

  4. Dumb, meet dumber......


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