Monday, April 11, 2011

Tonight's Gas Price In Trinidad Ca.


  1. Has the price risen on a egg and bacon burrito? Tell us what really matters. Also, in what year was bacon introduced to central Mexico?

  2. Someday...someone...will have the guts (and means) to find out why we have the highest priced gas in the nation on a consistent basis.

    Imagine breaking that story Tom?

  3. "Ride a bicycle" eh?

    Interesting comment.
    Does that mean just shut up if you don't like gas prices and don't go around asking questions?

    Gee...exhibit a little curiousity and someone gets kinda touchy...hmmmmmmmmm ...interesting

  4. World oil prices dropped sharply the past two days due to oversupply and decreasing demand.

    When demand goes up, gas prices are quick to follow. When demand goes down, prices are like a deer in headlights.

  5. Here is a little history of a DA that filed suit against Humboldt Petroleum and Renner and lost. It also examines the local market verses San Francisco, and changes in it when Costco came to town.

  6. I paid 3.729 in Willits on Monday

  7. That's a .69 cent difference per gallon from Willits to Trinidad. That's a nice markup.


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