Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Training Exercise For Downed Comercial Aircraft In Humboldt Bay Tomorrow

HSU’s Coral Sea to Participate in Coast Guard Disaster Training

North Coast Journal Photo
Arcata, Calif.—On Wednesday, April 13, the United States Coast Guard will conduct a training exercise that includes responding to a downed commercial aircraft just offshore of Humboldt Bay. The role of the downed “aircraft,” however, will be played by Humboldt State University’s undergraduate marine research vessel, the R.V. Coral Sea.

As part of a U.S. Coast Guard training exercise, the R.V. Coral Sea will be anchored in Humboldt Bay just below the Samoa Bridge. Approximately 80 Coast Guard crewmembers will be on board the vessel. Wearing survival suits, these 80 members will disperse into the water surrounding the vessel, awaiting rescue.

By air and sea, other Coast Guard members will work to recover the “victims.” In addition to U.S. Coast Guard in helicopters and marine vessels, Humboldt County Sherrif’s Office will have vessels on site.

The Department of Fish and Game will also be on scene, as well as multiple local rescue and emergency agencies including police and firefighters.

“Anytime there’s training, it’s a learning opportunity for everyone involved,” says Scott Martin, Vessel Captain of the R.V. Coral Sea. “I see this as not only an opportunity to learn from the exercises, but as an opportunity to participate within the community.”

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