Sunday, May 1, 2011

Car Chases Down Hits Pedestrian In Parking Lot

This is some crazy stuff,

This Afternoon, on 05/01/2011 at about 12:02pm the Eureka Police Department received a report of an injury traffic collision in the gravel lot at 1st and D Streets. The investigation revealed that a verbal altercation had occurred between the male victim and the driver of the car, Robert Anderson, age 67 of Eureka.

After the verbal argument, Anderson got into his car and started chasing the victim, who was on foot, around the parking lot. The victim was throwing rocks at the car to try to deter the driver, but was unsuccessful.

Witnesses stated Anderson eventually caught up with the victim and struck him with the vehicle near the west end of the parking lot. The victim was tossed in the air and shattered the vehicle's windshield with his body. Anderson was not able to stop the car before colliding with a solidly placed steel post which caused major damage to the front of his vehicle.

The victim was transported by City Ambulance to the St Joseph ER where he was treated for moderate injuries. Anderson was booked into the HCCF on a charge of PC 245(a)(1), Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

The investigation is continuing.


  1. I'm totally not joking, this is infinitely more real and interesting news than the obama bin laden hussein hitler is dead stuff.

    Who's gonna feel dumber in the morning, the guy who was driving the car trying to run another guy over in a parking lot, or the dude who wasn't able to dodge a car driving around in circles in a parking lot?

  2. It's like the dukes of hazard comes to Eureka.

  3. "Who's gonna feel dumber in the morning"? It should be the nation that hunted down and killed bin Laden and yet cannot extricate itself now from two foreign military occupations.

  4. The whole thing is a work of fiction...the nation is dumber than ever. We, residence of Humboldt County, have to maintain genuine independent locality...that's the best and only way to truely extricate ourselves from the bullshit that is the nation.

  5. Anonymous, I am in some agreement with you on that.


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