Thursday, May 26, 2011

Consumers Win Partial Victory Over PG&E Rate Proposal

From Bruce Mirken at

SAN FRANCISCO – Low-income consumers won a significant victory today as the California Public Utilities Commission rejected a key portion of Pacific Gas and Electric’s proposal to increase electricity rates for low-income customers.

The CPUC declined to approve a PG&E residential rate change that would immediately add a flat $2.40 monthly customer charge to every low-income customer’s bill and a $3.00 customer charge for all other customers. The commission did okay modifications to the CARE rate structure for low-income customers that will mean rate increases for some low-income ratepayers who use moderate amounts of energy.

“While consumer advocates didn’t get everything we hoped for, we’re delighted that the CPUC rejected the customer charge, which would have disproportionately affected low-income customers and those who conserve energy,” said Greenlining Senior Legal Counsel Stephanie Chen. “Millions of California families are struggling to keep the lights on and still afford food and rent, and these families need protection.”

Chen noted that the upcoming review of budgets for the utilities’ low-income assistance programs will offer a chance to mitigate the impact of the new rates. “We will be working closely with the commission, the utilities and other consumer advocates to ensure that these essential programs best serve the families that rely on them,” Chen said.

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  1. I'll believe it when I see it. Suddenlink went through the World Cup with Fox Soccer in standard (low) definition. Women's World Cup is this July, again in low def, for which soccer fans pay extra to receive substandard service.

    Meanwhile, satellite TV services have their priorities in order, realizing that sports channels absolutely need to be in HD.

  2. Bah, meant to post that in the previous thread.

  3. proof of their bullshit: streamlining everything with smartmeters then instantly demanding more money from their own customers.


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