Sunday, May 29, 2011

Injured Sea Lion Pup On Indian Beach

After a fine breakfast at the Eatery in Trinidad this morning, David Bender, myself and some friends walked down the steps of the trail by the light house to Indian Beach. On the beach was an injured Sea Lion pup laying on the sand. David called a phone number that was listed at the Fred Telonicher  Marine Lab for just such purposes (not porpoises). Being a Sunday and a 3 day holiday weekend, he was only able to reach a machine. He called somewhere in San Francisco where he was able to reach someone that just said to stay away from the pup so that it's mother would feel safe to return to him. That is the standard response to abandoned or injured Sea Lion pups, leave them alone.  We gave it lots of space and wondered if its mother would return for him and how bad his injuries were.  You can see a small bloody spot just above his right front flipper.  It's like he hit a rock while swimming or something.

David asked if there was anybody I knew that we could call and I suggested Pete Nichols of Humboldt Baykeeper. He returned the call and said he would find someone to come and check the little guy out. On a 3 day holiday weekend, Mr. Nichols was not only returning calls but rallying his troops to get some help for this injured pup. This is not what Humboldt Baykeeper usually does. They mostly focus on clean water, pollution testing, outreach and awareness. I want to thank Humboldt Baykeeper and Mr. Nichols for working on the holiday weekend to help local wildlife when the people that would normally do this weren't available.


  1. Thank you for looking out for the 'little guy' and giving credit where credit is due, Tom. This gives me a new appreciation for what Baykeeper and Mr. Nichols does, especially when no one else can be roused on a holiday weekend.

    Any idea how the pup turned out?

  2. I'll have to follow up with Mr. Nichols on Tuesday to see what happened. When we left the beach, several adult sea lions were swimming just off shore. They could have intervened.

  3. I hope it worked out for that pup!
    He sure is a cute little guy.

    Thanks for taking the right steps to help him Tom and David.

  4. I'm also curious if Mom's wiser survival behavior prompts her pup onto the beach for a time-out allowing the wound to congeal, rather than having the blood scent in the water?

  5. Update: The marine lab in Trinidad got back to David on Sunday night. David said that they had someone monitoring the pup and that he had been in and out of the water several times. They believed that the red spot near his flipper was from an umbilical cord and that the pup had just been born.

  6. Pete Nichols of Humboldt Baykeeper just got a promotion:


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