Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Up To The Those On The Right

It has come down to it. It is up to those on the right to see what their extremist Tea Party wing is doing to the American Middle Class. The idea of taking government back to the old days of lower taxes is a false lie. If we took the country back to WW2 we would looking at a 68 percent upper tax rate. Eisenhower took us up to a 91 percent upper tax rate. Those were the days when the US built the largest, most successful middle class the world had ever seen. By investing in infrastructure and taxing wealth we grew this country into the envy of the world. All of those people with jobs were able to pay taxes that funded the infrastructure and helped build this great country and it's institutions.
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We have lost sight of the American dream and would cut the rug out from under us to please international banksters that don't give a damn about the American middle class. We would do this because we have been conditioned to believe that now with an upper tax rate of about 36 percent and dividends or un earned income down to 15 percent, we are taxed too much. Personal income taxes are at the lowest they have been in about 70 years. This lower tax rate for the privileged coincides with the fall of the American Middle Class. As the pay for CEO's rose during the 1980's and '90's, worker pay has stagnated. This while worker productivity in the US has risen steadily for the past 3 decades. Profits are being siphoned off and used to gamble in the international futures markets. In the old days people would put their profits back into the business because if they didn't they had to pay a lot in taxes. Now they just use the money they make off our hard work to gamble in the commodities markets. This creates housing, oil and food bubbles that make people cold, homeless and hungry. Those people are the neighbors of the rich. We all live in the same country.

If the Right in this country don't call out their colleagues and politicians on this, we are doomed. Most on the real left already know this, the independents spend most of their time making up their mind and there is no one left to turn this around other than those on the Right. To those on the right, I ask of you, what kind of country do you want to live in? Do you want to afford the police you will need in if a few months or years when the people find out that they were betrayed so that you can live in your gated community and pay lower taxes? Remember, when the middle class is gone, you will have to pay for the courts and the cops and pretty much every thing else. You will have to fund the concentration camps to hide away the agitators like me to keep me off the blogs and airwaves, exposing you for what you are.

You will have to wonder if you're butler is working for you or his own best interest. You will be easy to spot while we will just blend in with the rabble. Join with us to rebuild a country where people can be comfortable enough to care less about those rich people that have it all. " I have my house, a pension and two little dogs, I'm going fishing". That is the attitude that built this country. Independence. I don't have to be king, I can just invent Flubber in my garage because I have a decent standard of living and can use my personal time for more lofty adventures.

I am trying to reach out to those on the right or you tea partiers that think you pay too much in taxes. We are all frustrated. Bush gave the country to the banksters on his way out and Goldman Sachs was the biggest contributor to Obama. The whole thing is rigged in favor of Wall St. over Main St.

We need to find a way to steal back our American Dream.

It's up to you on the right to reject this destruction of the American Dream and move to a more local anti international bankster oriented society. Any ideas?


  1. Can we rebuild our way out of this or do we just sit here and stagnate. Shrinking our GDP.

    Any ideas? Single payer health care? Some sort of reinvestment into our infrastructure involving green technologies? We could use government to pup people back to work and rebuild this country or we could cut everything except prisons and cops and just hope for the best. That's where we're really at. Bridges, healthcare, education and jobs or a third world country that wages war as it's primary economy.

  2. It's a class war, plain and simple. The tea party is just a ruse orchestrated by the fat cats to misdirect populist anger. Pleading to them won't help, because there isn't anyone to plead to except maybe the handful of sheeple that show up to the rallies. The rest is smoke, mirrors, and press releases.

    Single payer health care and a green technology jobs program are "socialist" ideas. Anything that might pull us out of the gutter is a "socialist" idea.

  3. Sir, you could find interesting reading in a book by James Perloff titled 'The Shadows of Power.'


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