Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let The Race Begin

Here are a couple of short videos from today just after the start of the 3 day Kinetic Grand Championship. This 2 day race started today at Noon at the Arcata Plaza and will end about 30 miles to the south on Memorial Day in Ferndale Ca. All craft are 100 percent human powered and must be able to float and navigate a water crossing in Humboldt Bay tomorrow as well as traverse the sizeable sand dunes in Samoa today. This is the 43rd year of the race.
 Blogger doesn't let me comment on my blog anymore and it also doesn't let me embed videos. I will probably switch to a dot com or Wordpress sometime in the future if they don't get the bugs worked out.  Until then, I can post links to my videos below.  I will add more links as I get them uploaded.
 Tomorrow morning will be the water crossing at Halvorsen Park in Eureka.  That starts about 10 am.
If you can't go you can catch all the action and glory on KHUM FM 104.3 and 104.7 or log on to for live streaming audio all 3 days. 
For more info on the race go to

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  1. Well, I can comment again so that is good.

    Today I woke up to rain in the 9 am hour. I thought, wow what lousy weather for the start of a great 3 day race. As I got ready to go, the weather continued to get better and by Noon it was downright nice in Arcata.


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