Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obama Was Busy

This is from Mark Cunningham


  1. Yeah, I knew that and still they are thanking Bush for his (non) efforts to capture Bin Laden.
    Bush said that he wasn't that concerned with Osama Bin Laden and that he really didn't think about him much.
    He had 8 years to get the job done but couldn't do it.

    Clinton had 7 years and didn't get him, but at least he thought about Osama.

  2. Osama declared war on the US and got what he deserved. Obama showed that he could do what two other Presidents couldn't, 3 if you count Jimmy Carter. I'm glad Obama was able to take Osama out. Still, I have mixed feelings about people thinking this is over. It's like we can close the door on 9/11 or something. If Osama was involved in 9/11 why was he not on the FBI's most wanted list? I have dozens of more questions but no one really cares. This closes the case for most people. A 42 story building fell in New York at free fall speed that was not hit by a plane. Osama Bin Laden did it. Case closed.


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